Kelly Law Registry Helps Automotive Client with Legal Issues

Kelly Law Registry rapidly deployed a highly effective workforce solution to help a leading customer in the global automotive industry manage critical legal issues

Pressed by a mission-critical legal initiative that demanded swift resolution, an existing Kelly® client and leader in the global automotive industry needed a reliable partner to implement a highly confidential short-term contact center operation. Kelly Law Registry (KLR) quickly delivered an outsourced solution that met their unique challenges exactly—with exceptional results.


Combined expertise in legal staffing and outsourced contact center solutions

Highly sensitive legal and security restrictions with quick turnaround

Highly collaborative project between KLR, client, and consulting parties


Deployed contact center BPO and infrastructure staffed with 120 legal professionals

Implemented technology enabling efficient communication and operations

Daily reporting and ongoing improvement to customized processes


Our client met imperative legal deadlines well ahead of their anticipated schedule. As measured in terms defined and mandated by our client and its consulting parties, KLR achieved a project success rate of 99 percent.

Our quantifiable success in managing this technically complex contact center operation was otherwise highlighted by client feedback that recognized our exceptional handling of their highly sensitive matters.

One primary contact noted that,

“On-site support throughout the program was phenomenal. The expertise of Kelly supervisors was apparent, and critical in assessing each legal team to adjust our partner pairings according to their ideal skill sets. Everyone involved took a really customer-centric approach.”

Another customer lead confirmed this sentiment, concluding:

“...Kelly offered a great level of on-site senior operational support that continued throughout the project. Never did I hear that ‘this isn’t in scope,’ or ‘we cannot accommodate’ ... (this) presented a very uncommon level of partnership to our business, and we truly appreciated the difference.”