Adjunct instruction has never been more crucial. And there’s never been a better way to engage this critical talent.

As higher education institutions evaluate alternative methods of instruction, the need for Adjunct Instructors will increase and their value will only improve as they impart their real-world wisdom to students. Employing Adjunct Instructors who are better trained at virtual teaching is not only more affordable, it also creates positive outcomes for both faculty and institutions. This isn’t just a solution for the short term. It’s one that is long overdue and allows for institutions everywhere to assess and develop new ways to find instructors, educate and inspire their students, and build on their reputation.

Kelly Education can deliver value to your college through multiple solution models, that can include the recruitment of Adjunct Instructors all the way through payrolling, or any part of the continuum you may need.  You will have access to a partner that delivers:

  • Enhanced quality of learning experiences through our Instructional Design expertise
  • Increased Adjunct Instructor engagement through a comprehensive hands-on approach to onboarding, orientation, and professional development
  • Scalability for fluid academic schedules
  • Agility in solution approach that is backed by data insights
  • Reduced administrative, payroll, and instructional costs
  • Improved compliance to state and federal regulations, with the ability to track and monitor grant funding

“Working with Kelly to implement the processes for our out-of-state adjuncts has been great. We truly appreciate the time and commitment that Kelly and all their staff have put into this new process. So, far we have had great results and having completed one semester we hope to continue with more improvements along the way. THANK YOU!!”

“Transition to Kelly was relatively seamless. Exceeded expectations.  Kelly staff worked hard to get the onboarding process completed on time and with minimal disruption. My compliments to all involved.”

Contact information

Melissa King

Vice President, Higher Education

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Jeff Bujak

Vice President, Higher Education

Mobile: 803.767.9129