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Higher Education Staffing

Your obligation to improve your current programs and drive cost out of an already limited budget can be a challenge. We understand that surges in admittance, registration, or financial aid could find you in need of specialized help on very short notice. Dedicated university and college staffing can help relieve part of that burden and make the most of your staffing dollar.

Since we founded the staffing industry 70 years ago, Kelly has expanded to offer service lines for temporary and direct-hire employees in higher education disciplines at institutions across the United States.  We customize your talent management initiatives in five key areas:

  • Cost Containment
  • Risk Management
  • Diversity Management
  • Process Automation
  • Quality Management

Your organization’s workforce challenges are unique and can quickly impact your best learning environment. Contact us today for more information.

Dedication to education

Kelly is dedicated to supporting education by:

  • Providing employment opportunities to students to ensure they are able to afford the cost of a good education
  • Providing flexible employment options to enable non-traditional students the opportunity to continue their education
  • Providing our Kelly Education® program to meet the needs of the K–12 market
  • Providing internships for students to give them the foundation they need to excel in their chosen vocations
  • Providing employment opportunities for new graduates to ensure they have a stepping stone into the careers they have chosen
  • Providing staffing to institutions of higher education to ensure they are able to remain focused on their students and the school's continual development

 Our commitment to investing in programs today is designed to serve our leaders of tomorrow.


Higher Education Workforce Solutions

We understand that colleges and universities face a unique set of workforce challenges. Kelly is dedicated to education and investing in programs today that will better serve our leaders of tomorrow. Our employees thrive in a variety of supporting higher educational disciplines and job functions.

Clients: Build a better learning environment

Gaps in employment and a limited candidate pool can diminish your ability to deliver an ideal learning environment. Join a partner with staffing solutions for higher education founded on longstanding relationships with nearly 400 prestigious institutions. Kelly® is the only workforce solutions provider to feature a formal, nationwide solution built specifically to address your challenges.

Candidates: Advance your career

As a candidate for placement in higher educational settings, you can secure a long-term fit with a world-class organization through Kelly. We’re successful, in part, because we value the talented people we represent. Whether you’re looking to take your career to the next level, seeking new opportunities, or considering a career change, Kelly can help.

Contact us today for comprehensive solutions for the higher educational environment.