An outpatient surgical services provider leverages Kelly Services for staffing support in health informatics transitions

In spring 2009, Surgical Care Affiliates, a leading provider of outpatient surgical services nationwide that is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, hired three employees from human resources solutions world leader Kelly Services, Inc. to help the organization develop an electronic database containing critical information relating to its paper payor contracts. As the project continues, the employees are committed to implementing an adequate health informatics conversion.

The Challenge

With 129 outpatient surgery facilities, Surgical Care Affiliates had a need for experienced employees who could efficiently transfer the office’s contracts with insurance companies into a uniform electronic format. To finish the project, the employees would need to read through and transfer more than 1,000 contracts in a short amount of time.

The Solution

To complete its creation of this electronic payor agreement database, Surgical Care Affiliates hired three employees from the Woodland Hills, California Kelly Services office. Each employee agreed to work with Surgical Care Affiliates for eight months, in order to help the organization complete its conversion in a timely, cost-effective manner.

The Result

As the project nears its completion, each Kelly employee has quickly and efficiently transferred approximately 1,000 insurance contracts into electronic records, meeting the goals of an implementation schedule that was developed by the organization. While working in a professional and helpful manner, the Kelly employees have positively impacted Surgical Care Affiliates and its surgical facilities throughout the country.

Krystian Florek, district manager, Kelly Healthcare Resources, continuously witnesses the hard work and talent of dedicated employees throughout the year and believes that Kelly Healthcare Resources has an opportunity to positively impact healthcare during the next five years as medical facilities continuously convert to digital contract and health records.

"The employees who have improved the efficiency of Surgical Care Affiliates’ insurance contract information are examples of the talented, dedicated professionals that Kelly Healthcare Resources supplies to organizations each year," Florek said. "Kelly Healthcare Resources will continue to provide top talent to medical facilities during the coming decade as facilities prepare to improve the quality of America’s healthcare system."

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