An obstetrics and gynecology office leverages Kelly Services for staffing support in health informatics transitions

OB-GYN Associates, the largest and oldest obstetrics and gynecology office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has recently implemented its electronic medical record system to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care. In order to support nurses and physicians who are adapting to health informatics, OB-GYN Associates began to seek well-experienced medical assistants who could help the office’s registered nursing staff and physicians on a daily basis.

The Challenge

In the past few months, OB-GYN Associates’ nurses and physicians have been adjusting to the office’s newly implemented electronic medical record system after working in a paper-generated medical environment for years. While acclimating to the office’s health informatics system, the fluidity of the staff has decreased, leading the office to pursue temporary employees to assist the nursing staff, so that they have more time to efficiently complete the office’s conversion to electronic medical records.

The Solution

Recently, OB-GYN Associates hired four temporary medical assistants who were provided by human resources solutions world leader Kelly Services, Inc. Each assistant was hired to work directly with both physicians and nurses in order to assist them with various tasks, ranging from calling in scripts to cleaning patients’ rooms. With the assistance of well-versed temporary employees, the nursing and physician staff members would have plenty of time to focus on the office’s health informatics system, in order to ensure its high-quality.

The Result

The medical assistants are currently still working at OB-GYN Associates and continue to support the office’s nurses and physicians. While the medical assistants from Kelly have made referrals, prepared rooms, and served other needs of the office, nurses have been able to complete their work on the office’s electronic medical records in a proficient, timely manner. The organization of the office has improved, as both physicians and nurses have received the necessary extra help.

Tom Kaloupek, practice administrator, OB-GYN Associates, believes that the medical assistants may eventually be hired for full-time positions. "OB-GYN will continue to monitor the value of the employees to determine if we will in fact hire some or all of them full-time," said Kaloupek. "The volume of the office’s work is full-time with no end in sight."

Meanwhile, Kaloupek is pleased with the pre-screening techniques of Kelly Services, which led to the effective hiring of the medical assistants. "I feel the pre-screening process that Kelly uses is very good and the probability of receiving quality candidates to interview is quite high," said Kaloupek.

Connie Gray, Vice President of Kelly Healthcare Resources, believes that talented temporary employees will be able to support medical offices throughout the country during the healthcare industry’s transition to health informatics over the next five years.

"Numerous temporary employees will have opportunities to display their talents at some of the nation’s most well-respected medical organizations," said Gray. "Frequently, the temporary positions lead to long-lasting full-time positions once the temporary assignments have been completed."

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