Director of Finance Candidate Match | Case Study | Kelly US

Director of Finance for Emerging Green Tech Industry Sourced by Kelly Finance & Accounting®


CentroSolar called on Kelly for help with a challenging search. Headquartered in Europe with a location in the U.S. southwest, company executives needed a local recruiter with market knowledge and a strong network. This new employee—a finance director—would need a number of specific skills, such as a minimum of 20 years experience with large and small corporations, an entrepreneurial background, an ability to work with different cultures, strong communication skills, flexibility, and management experience.


After sorting through more than 50 résumés and meeting with a dozen candidates, Kelly recruiters selected four to meet with company executives. To locate these candidates, the recruiters relied on a number of resources including referral networks and online tools, but the key to success was simply a focus on the customer’s needs. They listened carefully to the client’s requirements and identified the key characteristics of a candidate who would be successful from day one. CentroSolar met with Kelly’s four candidates and identified a perfect fit. After several months on the job, the new finance director is exceeding the company’s expectations. And, the employee continues to be excited about the job and his future with his new employer.


Kelly’s recruiting efforts helped to save CentroSolar’s executives valuable time and money. And, with its new employee, the customer gains a competitive advantage over other industry players. In an emerging industry like that of solar energy, acquiring top talent is essential for companies that wish to survive and grow well into the future.