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Thanks to an influx of government funding, one of the country’s leading research institutions relies on Kelly Finance & Accounting® for access to elite candidates

When one of the country’s most respected health care research organizations received a record number of government grants, its leaders knew that they needed skilled, experienced, and astute financial analysts in order to succeed. With recruiting expertise from Kelly Finance & Accounting, the organization gained access to top talent and found a new HR partner.


A well-known health care research organization turned to its staffing partners for help when it received an influx of government grants, thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Located in California, the organization conducts research to develop advanced medical equipment and technology. In prior years, the organization had received 15 percent of the grants it applied for; while in 2009, it received 45 percent. This created an immediate need for financial analysts with a high level of experience in the health care industry and the unique skill of workplace diplomacy. Without these valuable employees, the organization would be in danger of missing its project deadlines, resulting in a loss of funding.


Kelly recruiters went straight to their extensive professional networks and asked for referrals with many years of experience in the health care industry. And, to ensure that the candidates would be a good cultural fit, the recruiters asked for referrals with previous experience at the organization.

Six Kelly candidates were placed with the client, and after three months, those same Kelly contractors were the only ones to remain on the job. The organization’s other staffing partners had failed to provide quality candidates, and the organization now uses Kelly exclusively. Many of the Kelly contractors have since been converted to full-time employees.


To date, Kelly has filled all of the client’s staffing requests. Thanks to Kelly employees, the organization has completed more than 25 projects since the relationship began. This success will help the organization retain funding and perhaps secure additional grants in the future.

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