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Operational Contact Center Management

Customizable services for any program delivery model

To remain competitive today, contact centers across all disciplines and industries require scalability, business continuity, and solutions that can help to manage turnover. For the full array of services that your operations demand, you need a workforce solutions partner that can deliver more than talent-or atechnology outsourcer that really knows people. Kelly delivers both.

Do you know:

  • Whether your technology or program outsourcer offers a comprehensive range of contact center solutions?
  • If your outsourcer can deliver a completely virtual distributed workforce solution?
  • Who provides the contact center workers to your outsourcing program?
  • That Kelly places nearly 25,000 temporary contact center employees every year-including the same talent that drives many programs for other contact center outsourcers?


KellyConnect offers a full continuum of flexible, customizable services that are specialized to meet the unique business needs of clients along every step of your contact center's strategic path. We are backed by more than 65 years of staffing expertise, leadership, and the corporate resources of Kelly Services.

Our capabilities begin with talent, and extend to feature turnkey solutions for full operational management that can supportany program delivery model-from on-site or brick-and-mortar facilities, to a hub-and-spoke approach, to completely virtual program delivery. We know how to navigate, provision, and manage cloud-based solutions.

The best of both worlds for any contact center program delivery

KellyConnect specializes in high-value solutions for full operational contact center management. Each solution is customized to your business needs and strategy, designed to ensure that you realize greater return on your ongoing contact center program investment. Key benefits include:

  • Scalable staffing - agility to ramp up or down across all platforms: voice, email, chat, or web
  • Disaster recovery - from a geographically dispersed workforce to minimize your downtime
  • High-quality talent - we are more selective, due to our broad reach and the virtual nature of our talent pool
  • Reduced administrative burden - from full operational management of your program
  • Retention - turnover is addressed through mature HR lifecycle management of employees

Why KellyConnect? As a leading global workforce solutions provider, we offer value that others don't: a focus on people care, cloud-based expertise, quality, and flexibility-all driven by industry leadership with extensive corporate resources.

To see how KellyConnect can enable you to shift resources and focus on your core business, schedule a consultation with one of our solutions architects.