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KellyConnect rapidly deployed a highly effective workforce solution to help a leading customer in the global automotive industry manage critical legal issues

Pressed by a mission-critical legal initiative that demanded swift resolution, an existing Kelly® client and leader in the global automotive industry needed a reliable partner to implement a highly confidential short-term contact center operation.

KellyConnect quickly delivered an outsourced solution that met their unique challenges exactly—with exceptional results.

The Challenge

Our client required a unique combination of capability and deliverables that few other suppliers can offer. First, the project demanded a familiarity with the automotive industry as well as expertise in quickly implementing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contact center solutions. Further complicating this challenge was the need for genuine legal staffing aptitude, with the immediate reach and flexibility to place hundreds of qualified legal experts on short-term assignment—including attorneys and paralegals. Finally, the project called for swift deployment of technology assets that were easily configurable to all project needs, with a team of IT support staff readily available to accommodate all operations, plus the ongoing administration of daily program changes.

Confidentiality presented another major concern to our client.

They required a partner with the organizational competence to manage highly sensitive legal information, while ensuring full compliance to rigid physical and electronic security restrictions in an off-site facility. Discretion was mandated throughout the coordination of training as well as constant collaboration between Kelly, client management, hundreds of their field personnel, and a team of consultants with legal oversight.

Finally, our client was facing strict legal deadlines for a critical Chapter 11 initiative with extremely quick turnaround—and failure to comply would mean serious consequences to their enduring business legacy. Beyond the basic capacity to succeed, our solution would demand a reliable, quality outcome driven by the consistent management of high-touch, highly complex internal legal issues, and seamless accommodation of ongoing program changes.

The Solution

KellyConnect implemented a turnkey contact center BPO solution, coordinating staffing activities in partnership with our Kelly Law Registry® business unit. We quickly established a secure infrastructure and recruited more than 120 attorneys and paralegals. All assigned staff were required to sign confidentiality agreements that restricted them from discussing specifics of their engagement.

In collaboration with Kelly IT experts, we deployed an integrated technology platform that established centralized, consistent communications and operational efficiency. Our technology solution provided real-time reporting visibility, as well as effective monitoring and 100 percent capture of contact activity.

The Results

Our client met imperative legal deadlines well ahead of their anticipated schedule. As measured in terms defined and mandated by our client and its consulting parties, KellyConnect achieved a project success rate of 99 percent.

Our quantifiable success in managing this technically complex contact center operation was otherwise highlighted by client feedback that recognized our exceptional handling of their highly sensitive matters. One primary contact noted that:

“On-site support throughout the program was phenomenal.

The expertise of KellyConnect supervisors was apparent, and critical in assessing each legal team to adjust our partner pairings according to their ideal skill sets. Everyone involved took a really customer-centric approach.”

Another customer lead confirmed this sentiment, concluding:

“...Kelly offered a great level of on-site senior operational support that continued throughout the project. Never did

I hear that ‘this isn’t in scope, or we cannot accommodate’

... (this) presented a very uncommon level of partnership to

our business, and we truly appreciated the difference.”

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