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We go three steps further than just finding undiscovered talent. We evaluate them differently, match them individually, and coach them through acclimating into the right roles.

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Our offerings

Our comprehensive solution helps companies engage with individuals across multiple talent communities—including neurodivergent people and other historically overlooked talent groups. Learn what makes us different.


Our partner program to help clients meet their diversity goals with talent that’s overlooked by standardized recruiting processes.

Discover Plus

Highly experienced professionals who come through our program looking for high-level support versus 1:1 coaching for permanent placements.

Discover Impact

A 1:1 coaching program that uncovers strengths and blind spots, creating an individual plan to help talent navigate early career goals.

Our overlooked talent is ready to work.

Our talent has had life experiences that have gifted them with valuable life skills—their hidden gems. Skills like grit, determination, superior problem-solving skills, and the perseverance to excel.

Let's discover

Overlooked talent

Often includes those:

  • From economically underserved communities
  • Screened out of typical recruiting processes
  • Determined to alter their life trajectory
  • With grit and perseverance to excel
  • With some college/certifications in IT-related work areas

Overlooked talent can be described as racially diverse talent from economically underserved communities, veterans, DACA candidates, or second-chancers. This talent has great dedication toward altering their trajectory—meaning they have the grit and determination needed to excel. Learn more about our other talent groups below.

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Neurodivergent talent

Often bring to the work environment:

  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to focus
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and pattern recognition
  • High work standards and strong work ethics
  • Exceptional memorization skills to aid in quick information assimilation
  • Visual or process thinking with new approaches to innovation

These placements fall under a service contract for 12 months—during which support is given to the individual, their manager, and close colleagues.


Veterans often need assistance assimilating into society and the working world after a service term. Kelly has a long, proud history of supporting veterans in their work transitions. Veterans bring a sense of discipline and commitment to the corporate environment. They have been taught to follow a good leader, as well as how to lead.

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Our commitment

Our mission at Kelly Discover is to activate businesses’ commitment to diversity, creating supported opportunities for overlooked talents’ success. Our vision is to accelerate customers’ business growth from successful diversity hires.

Trust decades of Kelly’s talent expertise including advanced engagement and individually customized coaching. Call us at 720.738.8744 or complete the form to submit an email.