Overlooked talent is just that—overlooked.

Their résumés don’t float to the top due to complex situations. However, they bring unique skills, knowledge, and expertise to the workplace.

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Removing barriers by embracing perspectives

Building empathy starts with embracing various perspectives. Learn more about what our talent groups are facing and how Kelly Discover is working to create change in the job market.

The power of perspective. Learn why it’s important to see things differently.

Learn what’s missing on the resumes of overlooked talent.

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All the work that the team did to screen for the very best candidate made our hiring decisions easy! We hired 65% of the candidates we interviewed and converted 90% of them to permanent employees.”

– Julie, client from New York


Through conversations with my coach, I now understand how resiliency plays a role in my success, and I’ve learned how to use that in an interview. Today, I am much more confident. Needless to say, I got the job! I have been promoted several times since I was hired. I see no barriers to where I can go now!”

– Cassandra, talent from Charlotte, North Carolina


Our commitment

Our mission at Kelly Discover is to activate businesses’ commitment to diversity, creating supported opportunities for overlooked talents’ success. Our vision is to accelerate customers’ business growth from successful diversity hires.

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