Diversity Vision, Mission & Commitment Statement | Kelly US

Kelly's Diversity Vision, Mission and Commitment Statement


To look first to minority, women and disabled-owned businesses as strategic suppliers and provide development, growth and revenue opportunities


Create “real opportunities” for diverse suppliers as we design and deliver solutions to our customers


Kelly embraces diversity not only as a supplier initiative, but also as part of its corporate culture—encouraged at the highest levels of executive management and apparent in all we do. Supplier Diversity is a key component of our corporate Mission, Vision and Shared Values and an integral part of our global evolution. As supplier diversity continues to evolve in the ever-changing global marketplace, Kelly Services seeks to develop suppliers that have the ability to add significant, long-term value to its supply chain. Our commitment to inclusion is not just measured by our past success, but rather our investment in achieving more today and tomorrow.

To Kelly, supplier diversity development is a crucial component to the company’s overall success. And to remain competitive, advancing and developing diverse suppliers is not only a best practice, it’s a business imperative. Strong partnerships with qualified diverse suppliers is critical to our strategic vision. Developing diverse suppliers into strong, profitable, competitive and long-term partners ensures our success in acquiring the best talent in the market.

Our commitment to supplier diversity has helped us to be recognized as “best-in-class” for our diversity programs within the staffing industry and the greater communities we serve.