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Our Leadership

Executive Leadership   

George S. Corona

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Teresa S. Carroll

Executive Vice President,
Kelly Services, President,
Global Talent Solutions and General Manager – Sales, Marketing and HR 

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Peter Quigley

Executive Vice President, 
Kelly Services President, Global Staffing and General Manager – IT, Global Service and Global Business Services

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Olivier Thirot

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Senior Leadership






Steve Armstrong

Senior Vice President, General Manager, U.S. Operations 

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Pete Boland

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

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James H. Bradley

Senior Vice President, Global Business Services

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Myke Hawkins

Senior Vice President, Global Solutions

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  Kristin Supancich


Hannah Lim-Johnson

Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

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James M. Polehna

Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Chief Investor Relations, Executive Compensation and Communications Officer.

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Kristin Supancich Chief 

Senior Vice President, Human Resources Officer 

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Debra Thorpe

Senior Vice President, Global Operations

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 Board of Directors