Talent Supply Chain Management

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Talent Supply Chain Management (TSCM) can be mission critical to the success of many organizations. The world of work is changing rapidly and as organizations develop their business strategies, there are always corresponding resourcing implications.

Decisions on what talent to “buy, build or borrow” helps shape the talent supply chain and every organization has one – the main differences are size, maturity and complexity. Effective TSCM ensures that organizations can dependably access the right skills at the right time and for the right value. This, in turn, ensures that their core business goals, or drivers, can be met.

As a pioneer of TSCM within the staffing industry, KellyOCG has centered our methodology on six areas of good practice:

  1. Resourcing strategy and planning
  2. Shaping and managing demand
  3. Commercial insight
  4. Supply market knowledge
  5. Processes, systems and governance
  6. Business analytics

By helping our clients to effectively address these six areas, in isolation or in combination, we can help them gain a clear competitive advantage by mapping out the best route to take in their journey to TSCM excellence.

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