Business Process Outsourcing

Solution Overview

Our managed solutions help organizations increase labor and process efficiencies, stabilize work outcomes and optimize business results. Our programs are designed to improve productivity and reduce operational costs, while giving managers the freedom to focus on their strategic needs and goals. 

Whether handling a core competency or a non-core function in an organization, we’ll serve as a consultative, collaborative and transparent partner, designing a custom program for our clients’ unique requirements. KellyOCG has the ability to source professionals for any need or level of experience—from entry level to Ph.D. Our certified implementation managers apply industry-leading change management and risk mitigation methodologies to minimize business disruption for even the most complex global implementations.

Our BPO services include: 

Delivering Value

Stat - Speed - Trip Productivity

Initial Challenge:  Under the labor model they were using, our client was seeing their accumulated skills and a significant investment in the development of their human capital regularly walk out the door. 

Quantified Results and Detail:  KellyOCG created an outsourced solution where we own the employment contract and are able to focus on retaining and developing the talent.  This bold transformation has allowed our client to achieve significant productivity improvements, with initial clinical submissions taking 14 days, down to seven days at year one and down to just four days within two years.  

Compliance - 100 retention Initial Challenge: A prospective client was having difficulty attracting and maintaining long term data management expertise in a remote area (low supply). Employment compliance, due to European law change, made it even more problematic.

Quantified Results and Detail: We used our Kelly branches in Belgium, The Netherlands, and France and leveraged our supply chain partners across Europe to assist. We also used our sourcing expertise in the Philippines for data mining. We assigned a single point of contact for recruitment that reviewed all profiles to ensure fit for purpose talent. KellyOCG is integrated onsite into the business performing an essential function; delivering nearly 100% retention at a 20% cost savings.
Cost - 0 error rates Initial Challenge: A client needed to effectively drive safety, quality, cost control, and efficiency improvements at two of its major production and warehouse facilities that fed their entire North American distribution network.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG offered expertise in applying Lean Six Sigma principals to create refined processes. KellyOCG is responsible for sourcing, implementing, and the administration of all technical programs and the work outcomes of all site functions. First year cost savings totaled nearly $1M, preventative maintenance rates improved from 60% to 100%, and error rates dropped to 0%.

Quality - onshore value Initial Challenge: A Fortune 100 client, in cost reduction mode, was faced with international environmental litigation requiring collection and review of approximately 10 million documents. The in-house legal department considered a low cost “off-shore” option, however, there were potential export control issues.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG offered a low-cost “on-shoring” option in the USA and matched the off-shore rate. We also included a state-of-the-art discovery facility, 24 hour security via cameras, access cards and locked down PCs, an experienced project manager and top notch talent pool of US licensed attorneys from top law schools with firm experience.
Scalability - cost savings per employee Initial Challenge: A critical component of our client’s business was their validation labs around the world. The people who worked in these labs were among the companies most valuable assets as they are highly skilled resources who configure, test and validate new product platforms.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG implemented a BPO solution which eliminated the time constraints on the assignments. Additionally, we created a four-tier development and training program which immediately boosted morale and dedication to the job. The company is now saving nearly $20,000 per employee per year with this model and there are more than 16 locations that have implemented this workforce model.

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