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Our Leadership

Executive Leadership

Quigley, Peter 10.2019-170.jpg    

Peter Quigley

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Olivier Thirot

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Senior Leadership

BradleyJim.2019-170.jpg Browning_Tammy_OCG_website_photo_170x230_18-0932_R2.jpg drew_john_headshot._170x230.jpg
Pete Boland

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

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James H. Bradley

Senior Vice President, Global Business Services and Global Talent Solutions

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Tammy Browning

Senior Vice President, Global Operations, KellyOCG

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John Drew

Senior Vice President, Global Managed Solutions, KellyOCG

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Tim Dupree

Senior Vice President, Global Service

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Myke Hawkins

Senior Vice President, Global Solutions

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Dinette Koolhaas

Senior Vice President, EMEA Operations

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Hannah Lim-Johnson

Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

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Soares, Nikki Preferred.2019_170x230.jpg

Darryl Staskowski - Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Supancich_kristen_536c_Preferred_170x230.jpg

James M. Polehna

Senior Vice President and  Corporate Secretary 

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Nicola Soares

Senior Vice President, Education Practice

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Darryl Staskowski

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

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Kristin Supancich 

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer 

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Debra Thorpe

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas Operations

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