Jeff DeWitt

Jeff DeWitt
Senior Director, Engineering Solutions for Global Managed Solutions
Location: Troy, MI

Jeff DeWItt is the Senior Director of Engineering Solutions for Global Managed Solutions at KellyOCG. Jeff joined KellyOCG in 2009 and is responsible for the architecture of engineering outsourced solutions. Jeff holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a master's degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia. He has over 25 years of experience in product engineering, manufacturing automation engineering, production operations, and quality management.

Many promise innovation, but how many deliver?

Over 40% of respondents said their organizations are ineffective at fostering innovationFour in ten employees say their organization is ineffective at fostering innovation. When we consider how many businesses around the world call themselves 'leaders' in this area or that, this figure should be a wake-up call. If 40% of employees don't believe innovation is being embraced, how often is the promise of an innovation culture really delivered upon in practice?

Unfortunately, creativity and innovation are often difficult and uncomfortable traits for organizations to embrace, let alone to harness and promote. Yet, we know that it is very often those companies that innovate that produce better financial results than those who don’t.

How do you see innovation and creativity being fostered in your organization? Do you feel that your leadership pays lip-service to the concept, or have they found real solutions to the innovation barriers within your organization?

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