Ekaterina Gorokhova

Ekaterina Gorokhova
VP and General Manager - Kelly Services CIS
Location: Russian Federation
Email: E.Gorokhova@kellyservices.ru

Ekaterina Gorokhova is the VP and General Manager - Kelly Services CIS. She graduated from Saint-Petersburg Technical University. Ekaterina later obtained her higher degree in Europe, having passed the senior executive joint programme of Chicago University (USA) and Institute de Impressa (Spain).

As of recent Ekaterina Gorokhova has been ranked among "1000 TOP Managers in Russia" and to "200 TOP Business Women".

Working in Russia: the 2013/14 outlook

Russia's strong GDP growth (expected to be around 3.6% this year) continues to bolster its already strong labor market and high talent demand. However, the great weakness in the Russian economy appears still to be very high inflation, which is placing mounting pressure on wages. Despite strong continued economic growth, the overall risk index for the nation is a relatively high 2.98 points out of a possible five. This high result shows that even with robust growth, other risk factors remain high in Russia and further economic turmoil in 2014 could see growth in the country impacted.

Economic Outlook 2013 - Russia