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Beyond the Lab_180x180
Beyond the Lab
20 Feb 2014
It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the Bachelor of Science is the foundation degree that provides students with the skills essential to a wide-ranging career in the industries of the future. A Bachelor of Science will prepare graduates for more than just work in a laboratory setting– skills such as critical thinking, strategic analysis and communication are in demand by all sorts of employer ... Read More
personal brand 180x180
How to Build your Personal Brand
12 Aug 2013
Building your personal brand may sound like the last thing you need to do if you’re happy and challenged in your current job. Whether you work for yourself, for a large organization, or a very small one, it’s just smart career management to demonstrate why you’re an expert in your respective domain – and to do this in ways that colleagues and associates can witness every day. Today, take control o ... Read More
how to upskill in IT 180x180
How to Upskill in IT
19 Jul 2013
Information technology was dominated by a few big names, and the number of programming languages that would lead to a good corporate job could be counted on both hands. This was a time when 'real' IT was only done inside very large organizations with huge mainframes and IT help desks. That was then. In this ebook, we explore the key trends in technology, what career paths might look like and ... Read More
5 Things You Need to Know If You Are Considering the Free Agent Workstyle Image
5 Things You Need to Know if You are Considering the Free Agent Workstyle
14 Jun 2013
Seize the opportunity The workplace is changing. While there are many factors that influence this change—including economic conditions, an aging workforce, and changing worker attitudes—the bottom line is that the workplace has become unpredictable for businesses and workers alike. As a result, businesses need flexible talent to fill gaps, and at the same time, workers are looking for more free ... Read More
Advance Your Science Career in the Virtual Workplace Image
Advance Your Science Career in the Virtual Workplace
14 Jun 2013
As the pressure to compete globally increases, leaders within the sector are being forced to think globally - and this means more deeply embracing the trends of working across time-zones, being present in professional social media, and learning to collaborate more effectively. Here, we explore some of the ways that science professionals can do this, and how they can build and grow their careers i ... Read More
Take Advantage of Employee Engagement Opportunities Image
KER: Need Credentials? Guide
14 Jun 2013
Click here to download the full PDF As an engineering professional, it’s essential to have support when preparing for critical, in-demand credentials within your discipline. Kelly invests in your career by offering top-quality online coursework to help you achieve your goals through the Kelly Learning Center, and all courses are free to Kelly contractors. ... Read More
Why Women Can gain the Edge in STEM Careers Image
Why Women Can Gain the Edge in STEM Careers
10 Mar 2013
Despite the increasing representation of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) degrees, they're still under represented in many STEM jobs. In the race for companies to improve their share of diversity, and to appropriately represent women in leadership roles, women have an advantage in STEM careers. They have a perspective and way of working that companies want and need. Th ... Read More