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30 60 90 Day Infograph_504x504_150467
With companies accustomed to doing more with less, every team member is critical to an organization’s performance—and the time it takes to on-board a new employee can seriously eat into productivity. Gone are the days when you could take your time settling in at your new job. The stakes are higher, and the expectations are greater for you to quickly get up to speed.    ... Read More
Eng Top Metro Areas_504x504_150416
Engineering occupations are expected to grow by 11 percent in the next decade. It’s predicted that the field will add upwards of 240,000 new jobs across the country. In addition, thousands of Baby Boomers will retire from the workforce in the coming years. This will further increase the demand for qualified engineers. The following states and metropolitan areas will see a concentrated amount ... Read More
Eng Bonuses Rewards PR Mag_504x504_150356
Do signing bonuses and referral rewards live up to the hype? Some recent media coverage may make it seem like employers are throwing money at engineers to fill their open positions, but the reality of signing bonuses and referral rewards is far less spectacular. There’s no silver bullet for employer or employee. While attracting new graduates is one of the more common uses of signing bonuses, the ... Read More
Career Guide Green Jobs_504x504
As the world adopts more green policies and invests more in sustainability, anywhere between 15 and 60 million green jobs will be added in the coming years. The renewable energy sector alone employs 5 million people globally. Green jobs are found in nearly every industry, from renewable energy and water conservation to manufacturing and business management. Environmental science is quickly becomin ... Read More
IT Stay On Right Path_504x504_150266
A career map is a proactive, long-term plan that allows you to steer your career trajectory on the right course. Follow these tips to create a thorough, professional plan for your IT career in just four weeks.      ... Read More
IT Matrix Org_504x504
Increasingly, IT professionals find themselves working in matrixed organizations with two or more managers to whom they directly support. Though this type of multi-pronged work environment can be challenging, when you are proactive in identifying the possible pitfalls, it can also offer a variety of development and career progression opportunities.Cover the BasicsOne of the key issues in a matrixe ... Read More
Fin 30 60 90 Game Plan_504x504_150229A
Gone are the days when you could take your time settling into a new position—the stakes are now higher, and the expectations are greater for you to quickly get up to speed. While 90 days may still be the magic time allotment for building a successful foundation at your new job, the best way to stick the three-month landing is to use one- and two-month benchmarks to your advantage. ... Read More
Fin Close Open Doors_504x504_150185A
The finance industry is growing, and the employment outlook for finance or accounting professionals is positive. Once you decide to leave your current job for another, make sure you follow some critical steps that will help you show your value to both employers.Original article published in Strategic Finance Magazine - March 2015. ... Read More
IT future careers_250x250
When it comes to technology, history shows we can’t predict the future. In 1900, people believed classrooms in 2000 would feature devices that fed information directly into students’ brains. And 1950s scholars thought that within five decades, cars would move across land and water, as well as through the air.An age of disruption and innovationAs we now know, neither of these predictions came about ... Read More
IT Your Network_250x250
A lot has been written about networking—both in person and online—as a necessary aspect of any professional’s life. But if you’re happy in your IT job and you like your employer, why do you need to expand your network? The answer is simple. The fact is, the more people you know, the more collective experience and support you have to draw upon:  People in your network can help you by offering ... Read More
Eng Interest From Inspiration_250x250_Z1381F
The evidence is clear that the engineering profession is a great one if a person desires job stability and the chance to truly change the world. Career opportunities are expected to grow in the coming decades across virtually all engineering disciplines. The opportunity to take on new career challenges will be astounding compared with other fields.The earning ability of engineers is also strong. M ... Read More
First 90 Days_IT_250x250
First impressions are important in any new IT endeavor when all eyes are on you. Everybody’s waiting to see what you’re going to do and how you’ll perform. That’s why what you do and how you behave during the first 90 days in a new position or project are critical to establishing yourself as a valued contributor within the organization. These tips will help you successfully navigate potential pitf ... Read More
relationships matter_250x250
Almost half of all employees in firms with more than 250 workers dislike one or more colleagues. But one-third of us have a best friend at work.Author and consultant Jill Cook-Richards cautions us to never make friends in the workplace. According to Cook-Richards, keeping emotions out of the workplace allows us to consider relationships from a purely professional point of view.Yet in an article fo ... Read More
Opportunity Harvesting_250x250
No matter what your role is in IT, you’re always involved in projects. It’s critical for your career advancement that you select the projects that are right for you, and communicate how they add value to your team, your community—and ultimately, your personal brand.The importance of seizing or passing on opportunitiesIt’s clear that what kind of projects you take on is crucial to your career, as w ... Read More
IT Career Map_250x250
A career map is a proactive long-term plan that purposefully guides you to your professional goals. In short, your career map allows you to take control of your career trajectory. IT professionals are in high demand around the world. With consistently low unemployment rates and a rapidly growing industry, this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. If you’re serious about your pro ... Read More
how to upskill in IT 180x180
Information technology was dominated by a few big names, and the number of programming languages that would lead to a good corporate job could be counted on both hands. This was a time when 'real' IT was only done inside very large organizations with huge mainframes and IT help desks. That was then. There are now more choices to make about what kind of IT expert you really want to be, which indust ... Read More
Fin Career Map_250x250
To get your finance or accounting career on the path you want, you need a well-plotted career strategy that guides you to your goals… even when the road isn’t clearly marked. A good career map can help you understand how to get to the job of your dreams from where you are now. Plot your course today and get started on the right road.  ... Read More
Beyond the Lab_180x180
Beyond the Lab
20 Feb 2014
It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the Bachelor of Science is the foundation degree that provides students with the skills essential to a wide-ranging career in the industries of the future. A Bachelor of Science will prepare graduates for more than just work in a laboratory setting– skills such as critical thinking, strategic analysis and communication are in demand by all sorts of employer ... Read More
personal brand 180x180
Building your personal brand may sound like the last thing you need to do if you’re happy and challenged in your current job. Whether you work for yourself, for a large organization, or a very small one, it’s just smart career management to demonstrate why you’re an expert in your respective domain – and to do this in ways that colleagues and associates can witness every day. Today, take control o ... Read More
5 Things You Need to Know If You Are Considering the Free Agent Workstyle Image
Seize the opportunity The workplace is changing. While there are many factors that influence this change—including economic conditions, an aging workforce, and changing worker attitudes—the bottom line is that the workplace has become unpredictable for businesses and workers alike. As a result, businesses need flexible talent to fill gaps, and at the same time, workers are looking for more free ... Read More
Advance Your Science Career in the Virtual Workplace Image
As the pressure to compete globally increases, leaders within the sector are being forced to think globally - and this means more deeply embracing the trends of working across time-zones, being present in professional social media, and learning to collaborate more effectively. Here, we explore some of the ways that science professionals can do this, and how they can build and grow their careers i ... Read More
Why Women Can gain the Edge in STEM Careers Image
Despite the increasing representation of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) degrees, they're still under represented in many STEM jobs. In the race for companies to improve their share of diversity, and to appropriately represent women in leadership roles, women have an advantage in STEM careers. They have a perspective and way of working that companies want and need. Th ... Read More