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HC New Era Nursing_504x504_150210
New Era of Nontraditional Nursing Roles
23 Mar 2015
Over the next 10 years, the U.S. will need more registered nurses than ever before. There is growing demand for registered nurses outside hospital settings, too. In the battle to deliver preventative care on a grand scale, nontraditional nursing roles are now more important than ever.     ... Read More
Future Green Jobs_504x504
The Future is Bright for Green Jobs
26 Feb 2015
The number of global green jobs is difficult to estimate, but easily numbers in the tens of millions. As the world continues to embrace green products and policies, it’s estimated that 15-60 million green jobs may be on the horizon. Green careers can be found throughout general industries, however, most green jobs are in manufacturing and public services. Employers in these sectors are looking for ... Read More
Sci Promising Futures_504x504
Spotlight on Science: Promising Futures for Scientific and Clinical Research Professionals
17 Feb 2015
Currently, job posting trends reveal that the demand for science professionals is 40 percent higher than for all other professions. Moreover, science occupations are predicted to grow by 13 percent over the next decade, adding more than 135,000 new jobs in that time. These numbers correspond to a strong predicted growth in the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical diagnostics. Read thi ... Read More
IT Attracting Women_250x250_Z1381E
The Effective CIO: Attracting More Women to IT
14 Jan 2015
As diverse as the IT industry is today, there’s no question we’re all experiencing some of the same positive changes in the workplace. Among them is the changing roles of IT personnel, where they’re expected to understand the business impact of their work; the changing roles of CIOs, where they’re expected to be true purveyors of talent; and the diverse range of careers open to IT professionals wh ... Read More
Engineering Employment Outlook_250x250
Engineering Employment Outlook
14 Jan 2015
The demand for qualified engineers is going up a full 11 percent by 2023, yet qualified engineers may soon be a challenge to source for many organizations. College enrollment is not keeping up with even the current demand, and the impending retirement of baby boomer engineers will only contribute to the void.Learn more about the engineering employment outlook and where the demand for talent will b ... Read More
Evolution of Work_250x250
The Evolution of Work: Maximizing Virtual Work
08 Jan 2015
The growing influence of technology, social media, and mobile communication now makes it possible for most knowledge work and team activity to occur remotely or virtually. Remote work offers global opportunities for talent who seek to match their skills with the companies and available positions that exist beyond the constraints of a physical commute. It allows top talent, no longer bound by geogr ... Read More
Eng_See The World_video_250x250
How Do You See the World?
15 Dec 2014
Do you see the world as a puzzle to solve? A machine to tinker with? A platform for complex ideas and innovation? If so, you’re probably an engineer—or studying to become one. The demand for engineers will be up 11 percent in the next decade yet; qualified engineers are in short supply. Companies will be lining up to hire new engineers with specialized skill sets. Soft skills will be in demand too ... Read More
Fin candidate infograph_250x250
Employment Outlook for Finance and Accounting Professionals
09 Dec 2014
Whether you are currently a professional in finance and accounting, or pursuing your degree in the finance and accounting space, the good news is that the demand for your expertise should continue to outpace the market.Today’s finance and accounting professionals are value-added consultants that help influence the current and future direction of the companies they work for. But with baby boomers e ... Read More
Sci Clinical Right For You_250x250
Is Clinical Research Right For You?
20 Nov 2014
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professions in the field of clinical research are predicted to grow faster than the national average in the upcoming years. If you’re looking to pursue a career in clinical research, it’s essential to understand the unique skill sets required to succeed. Today’s clinical talent needs to possess a combination of personality traits, job specific abil ... Read More
Sci candidate infograph_250x250
Employment Outlook for Science Professionals
20 Nov 2014
The need for science professionals is largely fueled by the changing world around us, including matters such as global healthcare reform, thirst for innovation and development, and global improvements of living standards.Career opportunities will continue to flourish for science professionals throughout the next decade as the world continues to evolve, particularly in the areas of regulation, safe ... Read More
HC_New Era Nursing_250x250
A New Era for Nursing
28 Oct 2014
Over the next 10 years, the United States will need more registered nurses than ever before. Nursing today is no longer solely about caring for patients. It’s about technology, community-wide health management, and consistently improving the overall outcomes of a growing industry.  ... Read More
IT employment outlook_250x250
Employment Outlook for IT Professionals
14 Oct 2014
While the demand is great for experienced IT professionals, college enrollment is not keeping up, and the impending retirement of baby boomer IT professionals will quickly create a void.Career opportunities will be strong in coming years for IT talent, especially for those involved in application development, quality assurance, network, system analysis, system administration, end user support, as ... Read More
Eng Promising Futures_250x250
Spotlight on Engineering: Promising Futures for New Engineers
10 Oct 2014
In the race to become more efficient, to increase innovation and create new and better products, engineers are vital. We need engineers to create solutions to complex, global challenges; to show organizations the way forward, to make ideas reality — and we need them in greater numbers than ever before. In fact, the world doesn’t just need more engineering graduates, it needs more engineering spiri ... Read More
AdminClerical Infograph_250x250
Administrative and Clerical Employment Forecast
12 Aug 2014
Over the next decade, employment growth of administrative and clerical professionals will keep pace with other occupations, but will vary by specialty. As these professionals exit the workforce, many companies are replacing them with workers that can support more than one manager in an organization—and who may also have advanced skills and degrees, or knowledge of a particular industry.What does t ... Read More
Healthcare Employment Outlook_250x250_updated
Healthcare Employment Outlook
27 Jun 2014
The demand for healthcare professionals is projected to rise 19 percent through 2023—resulting in more than 2 million new job opportunities in the healthcare industry.Learn more about the healthcare employment outlook through 2023. ... Read More
IMA Finance article 180x180
Navigating the New Skills Pathway in Accounting and Finance
22 Aug 2013
In order to remain competitive in today’s job market, Accounting and Finance professionals are taking training and skill development into their own hands. The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) -- an annual survey conducted by Kelly Services that examines opinions about work and the workplace from a wide range of industry sectors across 31 countries — uncovers the skills that are employers ... Read More
STEM Jobs Cultivate Success Image
STEM Jobs Cultivate Success
27 Jun 2013
Opportunities Are Growing All Around Us. Faster aircraft. Bolder video games. Better medicines. Technology is advancing every day, and STEM workers make it happen. Without the work of scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians, and other skilled workers, many new products and discoveries would never have come about.Just as the stem of a plant holds up other structures, STEM jobs are essent ... Read More
10 Things You Need To Know About Free Agents Image
10 Things You Need to Know About Free Agents
14 Jun 2013
Driven by economic, demographic and attitudinal forces, the free agent workstyle is on the rise. Today they make up 44% of the active workforce in the United States. Why is free agency gaining such momentum in the workplace and what makes these workers so unique? ADDITIONAL RESOURCESDownload our whitepaper to learn why free agents, and their desire for more freedom and flexibility, are redefini ... Read More
Free Agency is Here A Finance Perspective Image
Free Agency is Here - A Finance Perspective
06 Sep 2012
Are you ready to take on this strategic component of the future of work? What will the employees of a finance and accounting organization look like in 10 or 20 years? Or those who work in other fields, like engineering or IT? Their work will probably be done in the cloud on a project-by-project basis. Their closest colleagues could be continents away. Many won’t know what their offices look like ... Read More