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IMA Finance article 180x180
Navigating the New Skills Pathway in Accounting and Finance
22 Aug 2013
Strategic Finance Magazine – August 2013: In order to remain competitive in today’s job market, Accounting and Finance professionals are taking training and skill development into their own hands. The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) -- an annual survey conducted by Kelly Services that examines opinions about work and the workplace from a wide range of industry sectors across 31 countries ... Read More
10 Things You Need To Know About Free Agents Image
10 Things You Need to Know About Free Agents
14 Jun 2013
Driven by economic, demographic and attitudinal forces, the free agent workstyle is on the rise. Today they make up 44% of the active workforce in the United States. Why is free agency gaining such momentum in the workplace and what makes these workers so unique? ADDITIONAL RESOURCESDownload our whitepaper to learn why free agents, and their desire for more freedom and flexibility, are redefini ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q4 2012
06 Jan 2013
The Global Talent Market Quarterly provides a summary of the current economic and labor market conditions around the world and gives insight into how they might impact you. The global economy was struck in low gear in 2012, with many European countries either mired in recession or struggling to grow, the U.S. facing a potential "fiscal cliff" of tax and revenue measures, and growth in emerging ec ... Read More
Engineering Professionals Attitudes and Motivators Image 180 by 180
Engineering Professionals: Attitudes and Motivators
07 Nov 2012
Take a look at insights from over 13,000 Engineering professionals across the globe. On par with other professionals (50%), only about half of engineers feel valued by their current employer, however significantly fewer female engineers report feeling valued.70% feel engaged/committed to their current employer 69% plan to look for a new job in the next year with considerable turnover expected in t ... Read More
Workforce Attitudes of Finance and Accounting Professionals Image 180 by 180
Finance and Accounting Professionals: Attitudes and Motivators
07 Nov 2012
Take a look at insights from over 12,000 finance and accounting professional across the globe.67% intent to look for another job in the next year (up from 62% in 2009)75% derive meaning from their work by their opportunity to excel/develop in their field; however only 51% say they experience this in their current job50% say their current manager inspires them to do their best work67% say they fell ... Read More
IT Professionals Workforce Attitudes and Motivators Image 180 by 180
IT Professionals: Attitudes and Motivators
07 Nov 2012
Take a look at insights from over 10,500 information technology professional across the globe. 65% intend to look for another job in the next year (up from 60% in 2009) 81% derive meaning form their work by their opportunity to excel/develop in their field; significantly more than other professionals (75%) 27% say that higher salary and benefits are important in terms of job engagement (a ... Read More
Attraction and Retention Essentials Image 180 by 180
Attraction and Retention Essentials
21 Oct 2012
For engineering professionals in the chemical industry tomorrow brings many unknowns. They enjoy the work but agree that they need to advance their skills to meet tomorrow's demands. Besides dealing with an uncertain economy, improving skills and keeping up-to-date with technology were the two top critical trends identified by engineers in the next 18 to 24 months. ... Read More
Free Agency is Here A Finance Perspective Image
Free Agency is Here - A Finance Perspective
06 Sep 2012
Are you ready to take on this strategic component of the future of work? What will the employees of a finance and accounting organization look like in 10 or 20 years? Or those who work in other fields, like engineering or IT? Their work will probably be done in the cloud on a project-by-project basis. Their closest colleagues could be continents away. Many won’t know what their offices look like ... Read More
STEM Jobs Cultivate Success Image
Stem Jobs Cultivate Success
27 Jun 2013
Opportunities Are Growing All Around Us. Faster aircraft. Bolder video games. Better medicines. Technology is advancing every day, and STEM workers make it happen. Without the work of scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians, and other skilled workers, many new products and discoveries would never have come about.Just as the stem of a plant holds up other structures, STEM jobs are essent ... Read More
The 4 Myths of Talent Mobility Image
4 Myths of Talent Mobility
25 Dec 2012
Today’s business environment is fast-paced and constantly changing, with a labor pool that includes people of all ages and experience levels in locations all around the world. With employers having access to so many different types of employees, this workforce diversity has emerged as a key to unlocking competitive advantage. People are remaining in the workforce longer than they used to, yet the ... Read More
Workplace Performance Image
Workplace Performance
18 Jun 2013
The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brings together work and workplace insights sourced from more than 120,000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. It takes the form of an annual survey that canvasses a wide spectrum of opinions on issues impacting the contemporary workplace, with a particular focus on the perspectives from different generations, in ... Read More