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Do’s and don’ts of job interviews
You’ve finally found the perfect job, and after sending in your application and speaking to the hiring manager on the phone, you’ve been invited to an in-person interview. And though you know you’re a great match for both the position and the company, the prospect of presenting yourself as advantageously as possible is intimidatingIf this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Because no matter ... Read More
July2015_Top tips for making the most of video résumés and applications
Do you always wish you could make your job application stand out from the rest?Well, fortunately, there’s now a way to do so without resorting to gimmicks like having your résumé delivered in a pizza box or renting a billboard across from the company’s headquarters.This new method involves making a video résumé and/or application and uploading it either to your own social media profile or to an em ... Read More
Company Downsizing
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a treadmill at your desk so you can walk while working? Or dreamed about having meetings in a conference room that looks like a vintage subway car? Or longed to take your Labrador to work for some unwavering companionship?If you’ve answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’re definitely not alone. In recent years, tech giants Google and Apple ... Read More
July2015_The advantages of temporary positions
You’ve got a great degree, your résumé is spotless, and your work experience is sound. But somehow, you can seem to find the right job. What do you do: accept temporary employment or hang in there until the perfect position comes along?Whether you’re a recent graduate or you were laid off when your previous company downsized, sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect permanent job. Fortunately, ... Read More
What do Zappos, Johnson & Johnson, and Dell all have in common?The answer is that each of these companies maintains an active online talent community. And they’re not the only ones: increasingly more organizations around the globe are establishing similar interactive sites in order to connect with skilled candidates.For their part, candidates are realizing that talent communities can be valuable c ... Read More
You love your job, but you feel as if you’re reached a plateau. Fortunately, your employer recognizes your potential and offers to pay for additional training to help you get to the next level. After all, when your employer invests in your skills development, it’s simultaneously an investment in the company’s human capital. Moreover, since every company needs to consistently deliver high quality s ... Read More
Do you enjoy your job? Are you truly passionate about what you do? Do you genuinely like your colleagues?Chances are, you like some aspects of your job more than others. As Steve Crabtree reports in his Gallup article “Worldwide, 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work,” in 2013, 24 percent of workers were unhappy at work and over 60 percent lacked motivation.Interestingly, according to a study title ... Read More
How to choose the most effective and appropriate form of communication
Do you like to get up and walk over to a colleague’s cubicle if you need to ask something? Do you rely heavily on Google Hangouts or another instant messaging app when collaborating on a project? Or do you prefer to use email for every piece of communication during working hours?In today’s workplace, there’s a wide variety of communication options including email, instant messaging, integrated off ... Read More
Make the most of a professional challenge
You’ve held your current position for quite a while now and you’ve mastered all of your daily responsibilities. But being an aspirational professional, you want to grow in your job so you can advance to the next level. So lately, you’ve been asking your supervisor for more challenging assignments in order to develop your abilities.And now finally, your manager has assigned you a difficult, high st ... Read More
Tips to successfully join a team
We’ve all been there: poised to join a group of people who’ve been working together for a long time. And whether you’re the newest addition to a company or you’ve just been added to an existing interdepartmental team, being the new kid on the block isn’t always easy.Over time, every team develops its own culture, with spoken and unspoken agreements as to how things are done and often what the hie ... Read More
Career or parenthood?In an ideal world, young parents would have enough time to spend with their families while still putting in the professional hours and effort necessary to advance their careers. However, in reality, juggling a career and a young family often proves to be a challenge. The costs of day care can be high, and in many cases, parents looking to advance their careers find that family ... Read More
A great résumé is still one of the most important contributing factors to landing a good job. After all, it offers recruiters and potential employers a quick and clear overview of your relevant skills, experience, and education so they can decide whether to invite you for an interview or not. And if successful, it helps sway the first of many decisions you want to go your way through any job searc ... Read More
 Most of us have a tablet, smartphone, or both for personal and/or professional use. But did you know that when you access your work email on your smartphone while on a business trip or read a report on your tablet while enjoying a latte at your favorite coffee shop, all of the data on your devices may be at risk of being hacked?It’s unfortunate but true: devices are far less secure than personal ... Read More
 We all know that networking is an important aspect of promoting ourselves professionally. Not only is it a good way to hear about new opportunities, but it also increases the chances of somebody referring you for a job that interests you. In fact, according to Elizabeth Garone in her BBC article “Take the scary out of networking,” a study from Millennial Branding shows that 71 percent of human re ... Read More
Do you want to advance your career? Many experts agree that those who cultivate a positive attitude greatly enhance their chances of professional advancement.  First of all, having a positive attitude makes you a pleasurable person to work with. Coworkers, supervisors, and clients are likely to respond more favorably to you, which in turn increase your chances of being considered for important pro ... Read More
Working for a startup can be an exciting experience—if you’re up for the challenge. Let’s take a look at what to expect when working at a startup so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your career.   The hiring processThe hiring process can be very different from one at an established corporation. Not all new entrepreneurs are familiar with conventional hiring processes, and moreover, many ... Read More
Many of us reach for our smartphones as soon as we wake up in the morning. After all, they enable us to call, text, send and receive emails, access the Internet, read documents, and even video conference wirelessly. Nearly as many of us use tablets for similar reasons. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine a world without devices that allow us to be connected wherever and whenever we lik ... Read More
You’ve just landed a new job and you’re excited to start. The company is well established, the role is a step up from your previous one, and the career prospects are excellent. So it’s only logical you want to make a great impression and transition into this new role as smoothly as possible.  The following 10 tips will help you make the most of your first 30 days in a new job.Prepare an eleva ... Read More
According to Forbes, boredom at work can be counteractive to productivity. In fact, boredom can lead even high-performing employees to unwittingly sabotage their own work and generally underperform. Moreover, when you’re bored, you become unhappier, less engaged, and more stressed.Boredom can strike anybody, from the newest intern to the most senior CEO. It’s not so much about having a light workl ... Read More
Do you check your work email even when you’re at home? Do you take assignments home on the weekends? Do you get to the office early and stay late to get ahead on projects?It’s only natural to want to do your best at work. After all, most of us want to be productive and advance in our careers. However, working too much or not feeling in control of our professional lives can lead to a state of lasti ... Read More
 Whether you’re looking for a new job or working for a promotion, in today’s competitive job market, you need something to make you stand out from the crowd.A personal website can do just that.Unlike social media accounts where the type of information you can enter is often limited to boilerplate summaries, a personal website allows you display the information you feel is most relevant about your ... Read More
You’re two-and-a-half miles into your first 5K, and your legs are burning. Runners are passing you left and right. Exhausted and frustrated, you’re ready to give up. Then you remind yourself of the previous three months you’ve spent training for this race. Soon you find your center and realize you’re only in a race with yourself. Suddenly, you get your second wind, pick up speed again, and finish ... Read More
Imagine: you’re an administrative assistant, and you want to apply for a job that requires project management skills. You don’t have formal training in this field, but you’ve studied books on project management and you have some experience. In fact, you even managed two successful fund raising campaigns for a local charity. But now you’re wondering how to prove your value to a prospective employer ... Read More
If you were offered the opportunity to work with an experienced colleague, somebody whose work you admire, would you seize it?Chances are, you would. And you’re not alone: according to research by Kelly Services®, almost half of all workers consider working with knowledgeable colleagues to be an important factor when evaluating job offers. At the same time, almost two-thirds of all workers agree t ... Read More
Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life! Yet no matter how much time and energy you spend on preparing yourself and your home for the arrival of your newborn, you shouldn’t forget to prepare at work, too. So once you’re ready to share the news of your or your partner’s pregnancy, it’s time to start getting things in order so you can enjoy your leave without worries. Keep the f ... Read More
Are you wondering if you could improve on your day-to-day responsibilities at work, and if so, how? Or maybe you’ve completed the first section of a challenging assignment and you’d like to know if you’re on the right track before continuing on. Or perhaps you’ve just finalized an important report and would like to know if your work met expectations. Whatever the situation, if you want to do your ... Read More
Whether you’re having trouble each morning focusing or the midafternoon slump always drags you down, feeling tired, distracted, or irritable at work isn’t good for your performance or wellbeing—or for your interaction with your coworkers! Read on for eight quick tips to stay energized at work.Make sure you get a good night’s rest. According to the National Sleep Foundation, lack of sleep ... Read More
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for the leading company in your industry? Do you regularly wish you had access to reliable, professional advice about career development in your field? Do you sometimes wish you knew somebody close to a hiring manager so you could get a referral for a specific job?If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in luck. Because now ... Read More
After weeks of submitting your résumé, going to interviews, and talking to employers, you’re in the fortunate position to have two job offers on the table. With comparable salaries and job descriptions, how do you know which one to choose? What follows are some questions to ask yourself to help you make a well-informed decision.Are the offers bona fide?PBS Newshour reminds us that it’s e ... Read More
Perhaps you don’t find your current profession challenging anymore. Maybe it’s becoming obsolete due to automation or other technological advances. Or maybe you’re attracted to a different line of work entirely. Whatever the reason, when you’re in the market for a new career, it’s smart to make the most of every qualification, experience and strength you already possess. That way, no matter how mu ... Read More
Your partner’s been offered a new position; one that means a promotion, more interesting work and higher pay. You’ve discussed the offer, and together, you’ve decided together to accept it.There’s just one drawback: the new job is in a different state. So you’re going to have to move and leave a lot of things behind—including your job. It’s a stressful, often daunting challenge, especially if you ... Read More
A full-time career and studying?It sounds impossible, but thousands of working adults do it every day, even those who are already working in the field of their choice. Because even though it requires a monetary investment, discipline, and a lot of hard work, following a course of study that benefits your current career path can yield benefits that range from better candidacy for senior positions t ... Read More
Your well-earned vacation was exactly what you needed. You’re rested and relaxed, and now you can’t wait to get back to work!However, before you step foot in the office again, take a moment to reflect on what your time off did for you. It freed you from the pressures and stress of work, albeit temporarily. It allowed you to spend personal time doing things you like with those you love. And as a re ... Read More
Picture this: you’re called into your supervisor’s office. You’re confident about your performance, so you’re curious to hear what she has to say. After some niceties and small talk, she cuts to the chase and offers you a promotion!The job description sounds great: you’ll be managing a larger team and shouldering the responsibility for some high-profile projects. There will be more travel and long ... Read More
Your résumé is impressive, your employer is pleased with your work, but somehow you just can’t seem to make it to that next level. And you can’t for the life of you figure out why not.Have you ever considered that your body language might be working against you?*According to verbal and nonverbal communications expert Sharon Sayler in an interview with American Express, many professionals don’t rea ... Read More
You drag yourself into the still deserted office. Wearily, you make your way to your cubicle, which is beginning to look more familiar than your bedroom. As you wake your computer, you realize the machine got four hours more rest than you did last night.Your calendar immediately sends a reminder about your noon meeting with a VIP client… and an equally important teleconference at three. Two-thirds ... Read More
Beaches or a bump in salary? Road trips or reports? Pool party or promotion?If you’re more interested in advancing professionally than you are in relaxing this summer, read on. With many colleagues likely spending some time away from the office, the summer months offer opportunities to enhance your responsibilities at work so you get noticed in a positive way by both your team and your supervisor. ... Read More
Has the commute to the office gotten old? Are you constantly distracted at work? Or do you simply do your best work when your cat’s the only one looking over your shoulder?Whatever the reason, when the thought of becoming a telecommuter crosses your mind, you could be at an important career crossroads. Get it right, and the quality of your life could greatly improve. Get it wrong, and… well, let’s ... Read More
Let’s face it: looking for a job can be an unnerving experience. There are numerous qualified professionals out there, all competing for a limited number of positions. Moreover, even if your résumé is great and your references are impressive, there’s no guarantee a hiring manager will give it the attention it deserves.Thankfully, recruiters are here to help. Good recruiters know you. They understa ... Read More
The company is a known name with a solid reputation. The job description matches your skills and experience to a tee. The salary’s got you thinking about that awesome pad you’ve had your eye on for months. And the commute is doable. Sounds like your dream job, right?Maybe. Maybe not. Because besides the position and pay, there’s one more essential aspect to consider: Are you and the company well- ... Read More
What do Rembrandt, President Obama, Andy Warhol and Madonna have in common?Of course, each of these people is—or was—world famous. But after fame and fortune, the similarities fade.The answer is that at some point in their lives, all these people made selfies. Whether they used oil on canvas, acrylic on silkscreen or a cell phone camera, each sidestepped the middleman by creating self-portraits. I ... Read More
May2014_LearnFrom Overachievers
A mother of two gets promoted to head an entirely new department after being with the company for a mere six weeks.A college dropout churns out new, highly popular apps every month and teaches himself Chinese “to take his mind off work.”A successful entrepreneur constantly embarks on new, ambitious ventures… that is, when he’s not fundraising for charities.Overachievers. Often the subject of amaze ... Read More
Attaching a photograph of a celebrity instead of yourself to your résumé.Listing details about your weightlifting prowess and ballroom dancing skills on a job application.Applying for a deceased person’s job… and stating you know the position is open because you attended the deceased’s funeral.The Internet abounds with stories of résumé mistakes ranging from thoughtless and misguided to just plain ... Read More
Congratulations: After five years at your current company, you’ve just landed a dream job with another firm! You’re elated and excited, but at the same time, you’re also a little sad. You’ve had a good time here. You’ve enjoyed working alongside your colleagues, and you’ve also enjoyed socializing with some of them after work. So when the team throws you a goodbye party on Friday afternoon, it’s n ... Read More
Though our notions of the world of law might have been influenced by hit TV shows like Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and The Good Wife, the fact remains that in our country, law is big business. From a DA who won't let up on getting a conviction for a seasoned white-collar criminal to an intellectual property lawyer who helps a child prodigy copyright an amazing new software program, we're fascinated ... Read More
Most people think creative professionals have fun all day long. After all, what could be more enjoyable than spending every workday writing, designing, creating music or shooting videos?Part of this is true, of course. In most cases, a creative professional starts out with a talent and turns it into an occupation by means of education and training. But there's also a lot of hard work involved. To ... Read More
A bit of competition can be a good thing. Whether it's in sports or school, it can push you to work a bit harder, reach a little higher and achieve things you didn't think you were capable of. And in the workplace, from telemarketing positions to office jobs, the notion of healthy competition is nothing new. Of course, law firms and consulting companies are known for their competitive ranking syst ... Read More
You're a good accountant with a couple of years of experience under your belt, a stable position in the company and a nice salary. But now that you're comfortable with both your tasks and your workload, you've started thinking about advancing your accounting career. Why? Though you keep up with all of the developments in your field, you want to build on your specific skills and area of expertise. ... Read More
Do you blush when you speak to co-workers? Do you find yourself struggling to get your words out when the focus is on you? Are you reluctant to speak up when you have something to say?If you recognize yourself in any of the aforementioned scenarios, you probably suffer from shyness. According to Psychology Today, shyness is the awkwardness, anxiety and even fear that people feel when interacting w ... Read More
Have you ever sent a potential employer your résumé by carrier pigeon? How about in a pizza box? Or perhaps you've created an elaborately decorated document that's a true work of art?Of course, the next question is: Did it get you the job?Chances are, you haven't strayed from the conventional cover letter with your résumé and references included. But in the current job market, hundreds of qualifie ... Read More
You're good at what you do, and everybody in your office knows it, including your boss. That's why you're the go-to person for all kinds of projects and issues. But when your attention's divided over a number of projects and your co-workers always come to you with questions and problems, it's easy to become overwhelmed. And that can result in stress and under performance. Read on for tips on how t ... Read More
You've had a couple of months at home with your baby, and now your maternity leave is over. It's time to go back to work. But the thought of leaving your child in day care from 9 to 5 is unappealing, even though your friends and colleagues assure you that you'll get used to it.If this is you, you're not alone. According to Time Ideas, 67% of mothers would prefer part time work rather than full tim ... Read More
Style is always a hot topic. After all, most of us like to look good. But when it comes to what you should wear to work, people are firmly divided into two opposing camps: those who believe in business casual and those who prefer casual or even ultra casual.Business casual includes khakis, slacks and shirts with collars for men, and knee-length skirts, slacks and blouses with collars for women. Po ... Read More
Jan2014_Capitalize On Internship
You have worked hard in college. You have written papers, passed exams and made friends for life. With graduation coming up next summer, it is time to get a taste of professional life in a field which interests you. In short, it is time to get an internship.Though internships are frequently unpaid or only pay minimum wage, the real payment comes in the form of experience and contacts. Without expe ... Read More
Jan2014_Best Career/Jobs for 2014
For many, a new year signals a new start and the resolve to change or improve certain aspects of our lives. If you are one of many Americans whose New Year's resolution is to find a (more) rewarding career, now is the time to take action. Although you might have a general idea of the professional direction you want to take, it is important to consider which professions are moving forward in a posi ... Read More
Jan2014_Top 10 Blogs IT workers should read
With all of the changes in the digital arena, from cloud-based data storage to international e-commerce, information technology is one of the most rapidly developing professional fields today. That means that if you work in this field, you need to remain ahead of new developments that are relevant to your position. Read on to find out the top 10 blogs every IT worker should read on a regular basis ... Read More
Dress for success. Most of us have heard the saying at some point in our lives. But did you know that a similar logic applies to leadership?Many of us aspire to become managers, directors and even CEOs. We're willing to do what it takes to rise to the top of our organizations or professional fields.  And according to Muriel Maignan Wilkins and Michael Watkins in the Harvard Business Review, author ... Read More
It's a well-known fact that on occasion, office jobs and many other positions can make you feel like you're back in high school. Petty rivalries, rude coworkers and even clique forming can make professional life stressful at best and nightmarish at worst. Unfortunately, hiding in your cubicle or ignoring others is not a valid option. Though it might give you some respite, sooner or later you're go ... Read More
Do you find yourself getting annoyed when coworkers keep group emails going on forever-without saying anything important? Maybe you struggle to figure out exactly what the message is in a colleague's email. Or perhaps you've inadvertently snubbed a coworker because an email you sent was interpreted as curt and snippy.You're not alone. According to a June 2013 survey by the Huffington Post and publ ... Read More
Veterans Reentering the Workforce
Perhaps you’ve served years stateside or have done multiple tours of overseas duty. Maybe you’ve helped coordinate missions or have protected civilians. No matter what your role in the armed forces or where you were stationed, you’ve served your country valiantly for many years. And certainly you developed strong bonds with your comrades to get the job done and return home safely. But now, with an ... Read More
Company Downsizing
It’s most people’s nightmare: shortly after the company’s CEO announces there will be cutbacks, you’re called into the manager’s office and told your position is no longer necessary. It might take a minute to sink in, but the cold hard truth is: you’re being let go.And at that moment, it’s important to realize that however shocked, angry or fearful you feel, you’re given the perfect opportunity to ... Read More
How Overcoming Negativity Bias Can Improve Your Professional Performance
Imagine: you’re in a meeting at work and you pitch a new idea to your boss and colleagues. Everybody loves it and spends the next quarter of an hour discussing how to best use your idea. And then, just before the end of the meeting, your boss mentions that this is by far the best pitch you’ve ever given.Suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with doubt. Were your previous pitches so bad? Does she mean that ... Read More
Knowledge Worker? How to Enhance Your Performance
Raul is a research and development manager at a leading telecommunications firm. A large part of his job involves coming up with marketable and profitable ways to stay ahead of the curve in the quickly evolving world of telecommunications. And with his fifteen-plus years of experience, he’s confident that he’s the right man for the job.Raul’s day starts at 6 a.m., when he turns on his cell phone a ... Read More
Positivity Performs
We’ve all had them: colleagues who somehow get you off balance and have a bad effect on your work or even your career. There’s your new BFF in the cubicle next to you who’s so much fun; you’re always late after taking a lunch break together. There’s the brilliant employee who’s great at everything he does but habitually criticizes your work. There’s the office gossiper, who somehow knows everythin ... Read More
Think Like an Owner to Be a Success
Do you consider yourself ambitious? Do you want to attain the highest possible advancements and achievements in your field to become a recognized business leader?If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, then congratulations: you possess the drive and the vision to succeed. Now on to the next question: How connected do you feel with your current company -- the organization itself, your bo ... Read More
Last year, a wave of panic buzzed through Silicon Valley when the news hit that three high-tech businesses planned to lay off a total of 48,000 personnel. More recently, at the beginning of August, information technology giant Cisco Systems announced it too would let 4,000 employees go.In a time when the economy is rebounding and information technology drives social and economic developments acros ... Read More
Richard is a 32-year-old entrepreneur from New York who owns a private equity company. He and his pregnant wife have a nice apartment on the East Side and, for kicks, rent a home in the Hamptons. And though this kind of lifestyle might seem unattainable to most of us, it’s worth noting that Richard overcame a hefty career challenge before striking out on his own. Like many Wall Street investment b ... Read More
Ed Schuster’s father was a Milwaukee insurance adjuster his entire professional life until he retired at age 65, nearly twenty years ago. Back in those days, casual Fridays were unheard of: a suit and tie were mandatory. Similarly, though Ed remembers his father having the same boss for most of his career, he never once heard his father address his superior by first name. And on the rare day that ... Read More
Cross-Cultural Networking
Networking has always been a cornerstone of successful business dealings. Whether it’s making an impression on your CEO to facilitate your career advancement or reaching out to an acquaintance to explore mutual business opportunities, it matters who you know and who knows you. And in today’s global society, virtual and in-person meetings with peers and colleagues from around the world are the norm ... Read More
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Though many disagree about the origins of this quote, its truth is unanimously upheld. And when it comes to job interviews, first impressions are strategic moments. From writing an engaging cover letter accompanied by a stellar resume to conducting yourself professionally when you meet your prospective employer, it’s imperative you consis ... Read More
Outlook for Healthcare
If you follow workforce trends, you’ve probably heard that healthcare jobs are a sure thing when it comes to employment prospects. And with a job market that remains in flux due to both economic concerns and technological advancements, it’s appealing for recent graduates and veteran workers alike to enter a thriving sector. But before making any career decisions, you should always check that your ... Read More
The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brings together work and workplace insights sourced from more than 120,000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.It takes the form of an annual survey that canvasses a wide spectrum of opinions on issues impacting the contemporary workplace, with a particular focus on the perspectives from different generations, indust ... Read More
As the job market begins to regain momentum, job seekers can become—once again—more selective about the choices they make. For instance, lifestyle compatibility can once more be a factor for accepting or rejecting a job opportunity.In addition to the normal questions you ask yourself when a job opportunity arises, questions such as:Is changing jobs the right thing to do?What will it be like workin ... Read More
Graduation Advicejuly13
As you awaited your diploma for graduation from high school or college, you might have believed you had a great foundation for joining the working world. However, some years later, you begin to realize that the advice you needed to hear was advice you never received from graduation speakers, your parents or anyone else.Traditional Graduation AdviceMost classic graduation advice, dispensed by publi ... Read More
Common Interview Questions july13
Proper preparation for interviews gives you multiple benefits to help you stand above many other candidates competing for the same position.Preparation BenefitsYou will be more comfortable and less outwardly nervous.Your self-confidence will increase.You can prepare answers to common interviewer questions, answering without hesitation.You might just appear to be more talented and interesting to in ... Read More
Take Advantage of Employee Engagement Opportunities Image
The subject of encouraging and creating employee engagement is at the top of most management ‘to do’ lists. It has become a "must have" and a number one priority for many employers. While many good things often come from engaged employees, including higher performance, better job satisfaction and increased loyalty to employers, the potential downsides of employee engagement is rarely discussed. H ... Read More
Is BYOD a Hit or a Miss at Your Workplace Image
Most federal agencies and private employers have strong opinions about BYOD, bring your own device, allowing or prohibiting employees to use their own mobile devices, e.g., smartphones, tablets, to accomplish work tasks. Over 40 percent of employers allow or encourage employees to BYOD, while remaining companies do not, most of which have no plans to change their policy in the future. These opini ... Read More
Do You Feel Intimidated by Your Boss Image
Do you like and respect your boss? Or do you question your boss’s leadership skills and feel threatened by him or her? Do you sometimes feel demoralized by your boss’s behavior? Have you questioned your own ability, skills or talent because of supervisor threats or inappropriate behavior? Employee Job Satisfaction and History Until the mid-20th century, few businesses cared about the perception an ... Read More
Heres How to Keep a Healthy Hold on Your Current Position Image
According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index, nearly 64 percent of the U.S. workforce will consider switching jobs in 2013. If you count yourself in this group, it’s important to not show your hand until the end of this process. The trouble with many job seekers is that they tip off their co-workers—and even employers—by being careless. Three reasons why this could be a problem: there may not ... Read More
New Tips for Having Interviews that Get You Job Offers Image
You have probably received more advice on how to deliver master performances at job interviews than you could ever use in a lifetime of career activities. As Toni Bowers, writing for Tech Republic, states, “The problem with career advice, there’s just so darn much of it out there.” Many career experts either recommend repetitive approaches or put their personal opinion slant on advice to nail job ... Read More
How to Know if Your an Engaged Employee Image
You’ve probably heard, read or viewed people talking about the importance of employee engagement. Being engaged sounds wonderful, but what is engagement really? If you feel the need, desire or expectation to be an engaged employee, you may wonder what engagement really means. How should you feel about your employer? Should you not feel positive leanings, are you disengaged? What does disengagemen ... Read More
Adopt Power Job Interview Posture Image
Body language sends valuable subconscious signals to each party in a one-to-one meeting or discussion. In the context of a job interview, body language takes on even more importance. Because they lack these important signals, telephone interviews pose challenges to both parties. Often, you’ll not consciously notice body language when having an in-person job interview, but you will feel the lack o ... Read More
How to Create Professional Resignation Letters Image
So you’ve found your dream job. It wasn’t easy in a down economy, but you committed to do it—and you’ve done it! The world is proud of you—especially the face in the mirror. You have one last duty to perform while at your current job: Writing a resignation letter. Component of Your Decision to Move On Many people are so consumed with their job search they overlook the necessity—and the opportun ... Read More
Talk the Talk Preparing for a Phone Interview Image
Phone interviews are becoming ever more common and popular. Understanding how to prepare for them is a valuable talent and important learned skill. This is a skill and talent that you should develop to influence a successful professional career. Avoid the “Informal Trap” Your original excitement after receiving an invitation for a job interview with an employer you like, may take a hit as ... Read More
How to Cure Meeting Antipathy Image
How often have you heard these or similar comments about staff meetings? "We have too many useless meetings. How can I get my work done?" If your executive ears have been spared similar complaints from your staff, you are most fortunate. “Meeting Malaise” Writing for Human Resources iQ, a division of IQPC, Lawrence Polsky coined this phrase. It is quite descriptive of the attitude of many exp ... Read More
Cancel Your New Years REsolutions to Achieve More in 2013 Image
The start of a new year offers the strong temptation to start over, erase the cluttered and disappointing “blackboard” of the prior year. Making New Year’s resolutions has been a staple of human behavior for infinity. However, the resolutions you make with so much conviction often dissolve into oblivion as the New Year unfolds. In many cases, it’s not your resolve that fails. Often, it is the t ... Read More
How to Use LinkedIn to Enhance Your Career Image
LinkedIn has become more than a social networking site for professionals. It has also become a resource for recruiters, hiring managers and employers to conduct preliminary research on potential candidates for job opportunities. Advantages of LinkedIn As Amy Levin-Epstein, writer for CBS Money Watch, notes, there are “few easier ways to maintain a professional profile online than with LinkedIn.” ... Read More
How to Tell if Your Job Interviewer Will be a Great Boss
A job interview can make you feel like a rookie actor auditioning for the lead in an important stage play. You’ve got a precious few moments to sell the job interviewer on the infinite expanse of your talent and fit for the employer. This requirement is doubly difficult, as your interviewer works for the company, while you are a stranger and outsider. Doing thorough research on the employer befor ... Read More
How to Plan Your Career for Success Image
Your career is a vital component of your life and the quality of it. Yet, most people neglect to have any plan for their career, however lofty or modest. For every person that states, “I’ve always wanted to be a doctor . . . veterinarian . . . police officer . . . etc.,” there are millions of people who had neither a plan, nor a clue where their career was headed. Success Occasionally Finds Pe ... Read More
Tips to Win Your Boss s Trust and Support
Employees and managers all deal with bosses. Everyone, including the CEO, has a boss. The CEO may face a more difficult challenge than other employees, since CEOs must answer to a multiple person Board of Directors. Most employees, regardless of title or authority level only must satisfy one supervisor. However, sometimes, that responsibility also poses difficult challenges. Supervisor Personali ... Read More
Why Job Security Not Primary Job Satisfaction Condition Image
The subject of encouraging and creating employee engagement is at the top of most management ‘to do’ lists. It has become a "must have" and a number one priority for many employers. While many good things often come from engaged employees, including higher performance, better job satisfaction and increased loyalty to employers, the potential downsides of employee engagement is rarely discussed. H ... Read More
Favorite Color Makes a Career Statement
Does your favorite color make a personal statement? Does your favorite color also make a career statement about you? The answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes.” Skeptical? Consider the following information.Color ScienceYes, there is a science of color. Your company uses one or more colors to promote its brand and generate desired emotions or investor/customer reactions. Interior designers ... Read More
Personalize Your Own Space at Your Workplace
Do you work in the infamous “cubicle?” Do you have a more traditional office with four walls and a door—perhaps even an ever valuable window? Or do you work in a Google-style open workspace, without walls, but with plenty of “neighbors?”In all designs, you still have your own space, even if not delineated by plaster walls or acoustic cubicle half-walls. If your space does little to motivate you to ... Read More
Protect Yourself from the Negative Interview Process
There are some frequent “warning signals” of an impending potentially negative interview. Recognizing these signs will not ensure that an upcoming interview will fall into the negative morass. Your interview could be meaningful, wonderful and result in a good job offer.However, these signals often indicate a negative interview may be on your horizon. Be aware and prepare. The common warning signal ... Read More
Do you want to get ahead at work? Do you see yourself in a more senior position in a couple of years? And are you prepared to do what it takes to get the necessary promotion? Chances are, if you answered, “Yes” to the preceding questions, you’re probably already working extra hard and putting in longer hours than many of your colleagues simply to stand out. However, this might not be the best str ... Read More