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Meet Alison

How it began

Alison Heery had left teaching to go to culinary school. While she loved working with food, the long overnight hours working while the rest of the world slept were starting to take a toll on her. She was looking for a change, and her Mom suggested she become a substitute teacher until she found something better. It was then that Alison turned to Kelly Educational Staffing (KES).


Alison began substitute teaching right away and always felt there were assignments available to keep her working every day. She had the opportunity to experience a diverse set of job opportunities in the world of education. Whether it was kindergarten, high school, special education, inner city, or a small town school, the versatility and flexibility allowed Alison to grow as a teacher and person.

A few months after she began substitute teaching, there was a notice across the scheduling system looking for someone with culinary experience. Since Alison had just graduated from culinary school, she emailed them right away. She met with her current boss on a Thursday and started the placement the following Monday. The job involved extra responsibilities and overtime, but Alison was impressed with KES, saying, “Kelly always made sure I was compensated for my time, and that things were positive and safe for me.”


Alison’s boss was impressed with her enthusiasm and teaching skills, and after a few months on the temporary assignment, he hired her full-time as the Culinary Arts Instructor. She has had many memorable experiences and looks forward to going to work every day. One day while teaching her students to make pasta, a student said, “I always thought pasta was like a plant dried in different shapes.” At that moment, she realized she was doing more than just teaching her students to cook. She was opening them up to a world they had never been exposed to.

Her students have had the opportunity to do a number of different things through her class, such as catering events and entering chocolate competitions. Alison has also become involved in other aspects of teaching, including coaching girls' basketball and tutoring math. She cares deeply about her students and enjoys helping them succeed.

Alison feels that KES was a great place to start her career. About her experience, she says, “If someone is looking to go into education and trying to see where they fit, KES is a great place to start.”