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Trial consulting and presentation services

With Kelly's trial consulting and presentation services, you will be armed with a strategic advantage in the courtroom. We offer trial consultants experienced in providing comprehensive litigation support, from discovery to final resolution at trial.

Each trial consultant utilizes TrialDirector®, the award-winning trial presentation software from inData® Corporation, and other leading technologies to present the most persuasive, visually telling case before a judge and jury. Our capabilities include:

  • Pre-trial Preparation – our trial consultants work with your trial team to assist in pre-trial preparation, including database creation and maintenance, and much more
  • War Room Configuration – trial consultants help you create an ideal war room for your trial team to comfortably rehearse, gather exhibits, and prepare witnesses 24 hours-a-day
  • Courtroom Configuration ­– our trial consultants will help you ideally configure the courtroom for an electronic presentation
  • Trial Presentation – trial consultants use software specifically developed for the courtroom

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Our solutions meet your workforce needs.
Our solutions meet your workforce needs.
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