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Onshoring for legal document review and discovery

More U.S. businesses today are onshoring, by either reinstating formerly off-shored jobs back on American soil or electing to keep new projects in-country. Kelly Services supports this initiative through our best-in-class Onshore Document Review and e-Discovery Center.

Our review center features highly qualified, American legal talent and pricing that's competitive in the worldwide market. Located on the corporate campus of our parent company—Kelly Services in Troy, Michigan—our facility will exceed your highest standards of security and requirements for confidentiality. Consider the advantages of using our onshore alternatives:

  • Quick Access – to a strong pool of talented U.S.-licensed attorneys, creating U.S. jobs
  • Low Cost – options that compete with legal process outsourcing models
  • Flexibility – to quickly deploy a team anywhere in the U.S., supported by state-of-the-art technology, security, facilities, and capabilities on a short- or long-term basis

Localized rapid response

Kelly can also deploy rapid response review centers where you need them assembled: locally, or anywhere across the U.S. Whether for a small team or large, we’ll provide the critical resources needed for your review—up and running in less than 72 hours.

Contact Kelly today and benefit from a return to basics through our onshore document review and discovery solutions.



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Our solutions meet your workforce needs.
Our solutions meet your workforce needs.
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