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Need help finding the best solution to your workforce challenges in the natural resources industry?
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Natural Resources Staffing

Demand for talent continues to rise across the Natural Resources vertical, including the areas of:

  • Petroleum Exploration and Refining
  • Oilfield Services and Drilling
  • Pipeline and Distribution
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Mining and Other Extraction

This demand is outpacing need for similar professionals in other industries. At the same time, the Natural Resources industry faces an imminent talent shortage due to the growing retiree population in several of its core occupations. A solid partner for talent and solutions is more vital today than ever.

Your organization needs reach beyond access to top professionals. We recognize that you require a continuum of workforce, outsourcing, and SOW-based solutions that few single suppliers can deliver. And since all these services demand a network of key talent with domain expertise, consider that we …

  • … work with 78% of Natural Resources companies in the Fortune 500®
  • … serve 1,600+ Natural Resources client locations across North America
  • … are ranked as the 2nd largest provider of scientific talent, and 4th for engineering in the U.S.
  • … place 15,500+ people each year in Natural Resources companies

Our customer engagement scores in the vertical (+51%) outpace the industry benchmarks*. By taking a more holistic approach to talent management—driven by innovative supply and demand forecasting, workforce planning, vendor management, and other strategic offerings—a partner with vertical workforce expertise can power your advantage well into the future.

See cases where we’ve had an impact on safety and project management  in companies like yours.

To speak with an expert Talent Supply Chain Management consultant about how Kelly can help resolve the unique workforce demands in your sector, please contact us today.


*as compared to the latest NPS scores determined by Inavero (+8%) and SIA (-10%) surveys

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