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6 Key Trends in Outsourcing

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Outsourcing has never been the same as offshoring, yet it seems the two concepts have become increasingly interchangeable over the past decade.

Despite the long history of outsourcers as leaders in innovation and in delivering practical workforce management solutions, offshoring has increasingly stolen the spotlight and thunder (and not always in positive ways).

Offshoring continues to be seen by some as a necessary evil.

Yet, our ongoing partnerships and candid conversations with leading organizations and corporate clients around the world are showing encouraging signs that the outsourcing conversation is maturing. Instead of a choice between expensive local consultants and cheaper offshore labor, it has become apparent we need more than just these two operational models to run the businesses of tomorrow.

Outsourcing, in all its forms, is rapidly reshaping work as we know it, and at the same time, the economies of both developed and emerging nations.

Here are our top six trends in outsourcing for 2013/14. We hope you join the conversation.

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