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Talent & Recruiting Trends

To better understand how workers think—and how employers might respond—Kelly Services developed the Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI), an annual global survey with nearly 230,000 respondents across 31 countries, three generations, and a multitude of industries and occupations. The results of the survey provide valuable insight into key areas of the talent equation:The Mood of the Global Labor Ma ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
The U.S. added jobs at a respectable pace in June, as total nonfarm employment increased by 223,000—inline with consensus expectations for the month. June’s job growth pulls the average monthly employment change figure up to 208,000 per month in 2015, still well below 2014’s average gain of 260,000. Over the first six months of 2015, the U.S. economy has added 1.25 million jobs, again falling shor ... Read More
THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY is thriving and job postings are at historic highs. But the skills needed by employers have been changing, and many industry leaders are anticipating a skills gap that could have a negative impact on their organization. Companies need employees with expert scientific skills who also possess the abilities, education, and business acumen to drive their business forward.How ... Read More
THE U.S. LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY provides products and technologies that feed the hungry, combat debilitating diseases, support healthy environments, and reduce our carbon footprint. National employment in the life sciences sector totals more than 1.6 million people, with jobs in nearly 75,000 companies—and that number is only increasing. Despite the volatile economy of the last few years, the ove ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
The pace of hiring in the U.S. continued to shake off its winter sluggishness in May, with employers adding a larger-than-expected 280,000 new jobs during the month. The dismally low March employment gains were revised upward from +85,000 to +119,000, and April’s total was revised down by 2,000, for a net gain of 32,000 more jobs than previously reported. As a result, monthly job growth has averag ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q3 2011 Image
Growth prospects worldwide for 2015 are highly divergent, particularly among emerging markets. Robust expansion has pushed India past China, while Russia, Brazil, and other South American markets have fallen into recession. The developed economies show a more graduated growth pattern, led by the U.S. and U.K., with most Eurozone markets in a slow recovery. As a result, global growth is expected to ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
After a significant setback in March, the U.S. labor market returned to a respectable pace of hiring in April. Employers added 223,000 jobs, in line with consensus expectations. Revisions to prior months’ data showed that the slowdown in March was even steeperthan initially reported, with an updated total of just 85,000 new positions added during the month. That brings the 2015 year-to-datemonthly ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
After twelve straight months of employment gains above the 200,000 mark, job creation took a dive in March. Employers added just126,000 workers to their payrolls during the month, the lowest tally since December 2013. With downward revisions to January andFebruary hiring totals (-38,000 and -31,000 respectively), the average monthly gain for the first three months of 2015 is just 197,000—well belo ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
Although many analysts predicted that the challenges posed by foul weather conditions and broader global economic turmoil might dampen hiring activity in the U.S., the labor market continued to add jobs at brisk pace in February. Total nonfarm employment grew by 295,000, the twelfth straight month of job gains above 200,000. The last such stretch of sustained employment growth was a19-month period ... Read More
Truth Employee Engagement_504x504
This infograph about employee engagement summarizes the major trends of the latest Kelly Global Workforce Index research.      ... Read More
Mood Global Labor Market_504x504
This infograph about the mood of the global labor market summarizes the major trends of the latest Kelly Global Workforce Index research.      ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q3 2011 Image
Global economic growth is set to accelerate slightly in 2015 to around 3%. The net impact of lower oil prices worldwide is expected to be positive, while stimulus measures in key economies will also help to boost growth. The gap in emerging market performances will continue to widen in 2015, as India and China still rank among the fastest-growing global economies, while Brazil and Russia face sign ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
Hiring continued at a healthy pace to begin the new year, as U.S. employers added 257,000 workers to their payrolls in January, exceeding consensus expectations. January’s figure nearly matches the average job creation rate of 260,000 for the full year 2014, but represents somewhat of a slowdown compared to the very robust last part of the year. Significant upward revisions broughtthe average to m ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
U.S. employers continued the trend of strongjob creation in December, adding 252,000 workers to their payrolls. The prior two months’ employment figures were also revised upwards by a total of 50,000 jobs. For the year, U.S. employment growth has averaged 246,000 per month, up significantly from an average monthly gain of 194,000 in 2013. Nearly three million new jobs were created in 2014, making ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
Job creation surged in the U.S. in November, as employers across a wide range of industries took on more workers. Total non-farm payrolls increased by 321,000, the largest one-month gain since January 2012. The strong November figure, along with upward revisions to the previous two months’ employment gains (+44,000 combined) brings the number of jobs created through the first eleven months of 2014 ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q3 2011 Image
The global economy is forecast to accelerate modestly in the short term, with both strengths and risks in all regions. The engine of global growth continues to shift from the emerging markets to the developed countries, led by solid activity in the largest English-speaking nations and slowly recovering conditions in Europe. Among emerging markets, Brazil and Russia have edged into recessionary ter ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
The U.S. economy continued to add jobs at a healthy pace in October, with total non-farm employment increasing by 214,000. Job gains for August were revised up from 180,000 to 203,000, and growth for September was revised from 248,000 to 256,000. With the revisions, monthly U.S. employment creation has topped the 200,000 mark—the widely-cited benchmark of a healthy labor market—for nine straight m ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
After a slight slowdown last month, the U.S. labor market returned to healthy growth in September as employers added 248,000 workers to their payrolls. Employment gains for July and August were also revised upward by a combined 69,000 workers, suggesting that the summer job market slump was milder than originally reported. Through the first nine months of 2014, U.S. employment has now grown by mor ... Read More
Fin OG Pipeline Challenge_250x250
A recent report by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) compared the 2013 demand for talent to pre-recession highs in 2007 and 2008 and found that the demand for financial and accounting professionals has slowly recovered to 87 percent of the historical peak demand in 2007. The unemployment rate for accounting and finance workers is below the national average for all professions—as a result, certain s ... Read More
At Kelly Services we take a holistic approach to talent sourcing and management.Known as Talent Supply Chain Management, this strategy allows clients to focus on having the right talent to achieve their business goals while Kelly ensures the right processes and suppliers are in place to provide the needed talent.Unique to the workforce solutions industry, Kelly has a Supplier Development team dedi ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
The U.S. labor market took a dip in August, as employers added just 142,000 workers to their payrolls over the month. This marked the lowest monthly job gain so far in 2014, and falls well short of the average monthly growth of 228,000 over the first half of theyear. In addition, the prior two months’ change in employment were revised down by a total of 28,000, another sign that the summer jobmark ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q3 2011 Image
The global economy looks set to expand modestly over the short term. However, the healthy outlook is overshadowed by several geopolitical risks, including the crises in Ukraine and the Middle East. Emerging markets, once the powerhouse of the global economy, continue to weather difficulties; many will need to implement structural reforms in order to return to stronger growth. Moderate growth is pr ... Read More
US Talent Market Monthly 180x180
Job creation was solid, but not spectacular, in July 2014 as employers added 209,000 workers to their payrolls. Although this marked the sixth straight month of employment gains above the 200,000 mark—an achievement not seen since 1997—the figure was slightly below expectations as job creation had averaged 277,000 per month in the second quarter. Still, the U.S. economy has generated more than 1.4 ... Read More
IT Loyalty Contentment_250x250
Did you know 41% of IT professionals feel less loyal to their employer than they did a year ago?  Get insight into IT professionals and their opinions on workforce loyalty and contentment.    ... Read More
KGWI Engaging job seekers_250x250
This report, on the topic, Engaging Active and Passive Job Seekers in Europe and APAC, examines the nature of the contemporary job search process from a candidate’s perspective.As well as those candidates that are openly looking for work, there are large numbers who are more covert in the way they approach the employment market. However, many employees have become disengaged from their work and th ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q3 2011 Image
2014 is expected to be a modestly stronger year for the global economy, with GDP growth projected to surpass 3%. The expansion will be led by a moderate strengthening in North America and the slow but steady recovery in Western Europe. On the other hand, many emerging markets continue to face challenges including structural issues and political turmoil that are limiting growth.The positive econom ... Read More
Field Services Eng 180x180
Do you deploy technical field service talent for repairs, upgrades, installations, remediation, break-fixes or calibration of medical devices? If you do, you are no doubt managing increasing administration, compliance and regulatory requirements, alongside the need to find talented engineers to do the work on time and on budget.As a supplier to one of the most heavily regulated industries in the w ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q3 2011 Image
2014 looks to be a modestly better year for the global economy, with growth projected to reach 3.3%. Stronger business and consumer sentiment, particularly in developed countries including the U.S., U.K., and Germany, will help drive the expansion. Growth in emerging markets was well below historical levels in 2013, but is expected to accelerate slightly in 2014.The healthier economic climate is ... Read More
Global Trends that Shaped_180x180
The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brought together work and workplace insights sourced from more than 120,000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. One of the largest global surveys of its kind, the KGWI sheds light on employee attitudes and behaviors surrounding some of the most pressing modern workplace challenges. ... Read More
Healthcare Reinvent wp3 180x180
Insurance companies today are facing numerous challenges due to demographic shifts in the ages of populations, trends in transitioning toward virtual healthcare, and the effects that will be felt when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) sends an influx of newly insured Americans to healthcare providers beginning in 2014. In addition to providing coverage for millions of low-income Americans, insurers ca ... Read More
Healthcare Reinvent wp2 180x180
America’s healthcare system is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Healthcare spending continues to rise rapidly in the United States, and the healthcare industry is caught struggling to meet regulatory requirements while juggling patients, cutting costs, and increasing efficiencies to improve quality of care. The new mandates driven by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will result in millions of ne ... Read More
Healthcare Reinvent wp1 180x180
The days of filling out forms at a doctor’s office, a nurse writing notes on a chart, and then a clerk storing that chart in a file cabinet are fading into the archives of history. The digital revolution that has transformed business, entertainment, and nearly every aspect of American life is also transforming the healthcare industry. Widespread use of technology within the healthcare industry is ... Read More
2014 RPO report 180x180
Global Trends in RPO & Talent Recruitment 2014 was prepared by Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group (KellyOCG®) in partnership with the Human Resource Outsourcing Association (HROA),, the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) and the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and insights from the global bu ... Read More
KGWI 2013 social media 180x180
This fourth installment, on the topic of Social Media and Technology examines the way that social media is impacting on job selection, career choice and recruitment in general. Just as social media has changed the nature of communications across communities, it is breaking down barriers in the workplace. Employees are more social and more connected, and want access to the technologies and platform ... Read More
LifeSci supply demand map 180x180
The Life Sciences industry is going through a talent supply and demand adjustment period.  Learn more about where to find the right talent and the top growth skill sets in life sciences. ... Read More
LifeSci talent adjustment 180x180
The life sciences industry is experiencing a drastic workforce adjustment period.  There is a new demand for specialized skills and experience.  Learn more about current and future workforce trends in life sciences. ... Read More
Global Talent Market Quarterly Q3 2011 Image
Global economic growth has been subdued in 2013, limited by U.S. policy battles, weakness in Europe, and a cooldown in large emerging markets. The global economy is expected to modestly accelerate in 2014, driven by strengthening in developed economies including Germany, the U.K., and North America. Emerging market economies have struggled over the past year, particularly compared to historical pe ... Read More
Outcome over hours_180x180
Forty-six percent of workers believe they would perform at a higher level if their pay was tied to their performance. With the opportunity to directly impact organizational performance, why not give employees what they want?"When you pay workers for their time, they’re willing to give you as much of it as you are willing to pay for. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re maximizing productivit ... Read More
6 key outsourcing trends_180x180
Outsourcing has never been the same as offshoring, yet it seems the two concepts have become increasingly interchangeable over the past decade.Despite the long history of outsourcers as leaders in innovation and in delivering practical workforce management solutions, offshoring has increasingly stolen the spotlight and thunder (and not always in positive ways).Offshoring continues to be seen by so ... Read More
2013 KGWI Employee Retention 180x180
This third installment of the 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI), on the topic of Employee Engagement and Retention, looks in some depth at the employee-employer relationship, including issues such as employee loyalty, happiness and commitment to the job. It also examines views about the employer’s reputation as a preferred place to work, and the circumstances under which employees explore a ... Read More
Virtual Contact 180x180
Virtual contact center agents - and the processes, management style and technology that support them - should not be seen as cost-cutting measures per se. Instead, they are a tool to improve business reaction times and access on-demand capabilities that can, and should, improve service quality.For some businesses, which are accustomed to the peaks and troughs of seasonal demand, the issue of scala ... Read More
Project Workforce 180x180
Today, project services staff with specialist skills in the IT, science, engineering, and healthcare industries are among our most in-demand recruitment segments world wide. Workforce analysts predict that this employee segment will be the source of the largest job growth over the next decade. Regardless of whether you’re seeking senior project management experts with critical niche vertical exper ... Read More
Engineering Professionals Attitudes and Motivators Image 180 by 180
Take a look at insights from over 13,000 Engineering professionals across the globe. On par with other professionals (50%), only about half of engineers feel valued by their current employer, however significantly fewer female engineers report feeling valued.70% feel engaged/committed to their current employer 69% plan to look for a new job in the next year with considerable turnover expected in t ... Read More
Workforce Attitudes of Finance and Accounting Professionals Image 180 by 180
Take a look at insights from over 12,000 finance and accounting professional across the globe.67% intent to look for another job in the next year (up from 62% in 2009)75% derive meaning from their work by their opportunity to excel/develop in their field; however only 51% say they experience this in their current job50% say their current manager inspires them to do their best work67% say they fell ... Read More
IT Professionals Workforce Attitudes and Motivators Image 180 by 180
Take a look at insights from over 10,500 information technology professional across the globe. 65% intend to look for another job in the next year (up from 60% in 2009) 81% derive meaning form their work by their opportunity to excel/develop in their field; significantly more than other professionals (75%) 27% say that higher salary and benefits are important in terms of job engagement (a ... Read More
Attraction and Retention Essentials Image 180 by 180
For engineering professionals in the chemical industry tomorrow brings many unknowns. They enjoy the work but agree that they need to advance their skills to meet tomorrow's demands. Besides dealing with an uncertain economy, improving skills and keeping up-to-date with technology were the two top critical trends identified by engineers in the next 18 to 24 months. ... Read More