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Talent Supply Chain

Eng TSCM ManuEngMag July2015_504x504_150534
Establishing TSCM is an ongoing process that needs to be done transparently and consistently across all departments of a company. And with the oversight and predictive capabilities that come from taking a holistic approach to workforce management, companies can create robust, resilient talent pipelines that are in line with current business objectives while remaining agile enough to adapt to futur ... Read More
FI TSCM fin landscape_250x250
This regulatory era in banking, financial services, and capital markets is unprecedented in modern times. The reaction to the global financial crisis (GFC) has no peer in the past 75 years. On the surface, the goals of recent regulatory mandates in banking and financial markets are relatively simple: minimize systemic market risks, and improve transparency with major banking operations.The downstr ... Read More
It is a steady climb for the vast majority of enterprises to achieve and sustain market relevance today. Satisfying customers and keeping them in productive relationships are now at the heart of every measure of corporate value.The trek is steep because customers have more than buying power; they have influence over other customers, many of whom they do not even know. Sometimes these customers do ... Read More
As companies are faced with an increasingly unpredictable and unforgiving environment for talent, executive focus remains on ensuring access to talent to achieve enterprise growth and profit goals. To remain competitive and achieve quantifiable results, organizations must have a disciplined approach to simplifying, accelerating, and innovating their talent strategies across a broad spectrum of lab ... Read More
Future Proof_250x250
Are you thinking about Strategic Workforce Planning? Then you should read the new paper "Future-proof your workforce - The what, why, when and how of Strategic Workforce Planning".Moving to a strategic model of workforce management requires significant change leadership within most organizations. Even those organizations that embrace the concept and understand its importance are often hampered by ... Read More
TSCM measure up_250x250
Does your talent supply chain measure up? Applying advanced data analysis to your human resource needs is new whitepaper on Talent Supply Chain Analytics.Talent Supply Chain Analytics is about more than filling one role or addressing a single trend. It is about implementing a robust, fact-based approach to workforce management that ensures companies can address their talent needs efficiently and e ... Read More
Indirect Spend_250x250
The Dare: Make visibility into your indirect spend a corporate priorityThe Mission: Elevate indirect spend to the next level of strategic managementThe Opportunity: Deliver visibility into indirect spend to drive value and maintain complianceDirect material, advertising, strategic consulting, financial audit and outsourced services command the most attention because the other niche categories and ... Read More
Independent Contractors 180x180
 What is an Independent Contractor (IC)?According to the IRS, an individual is an independent contractor ‘if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work, not what will be done and how it will be done.’ Independent contractors can (and should) be used wisely as part of a talent supply chain strategy that delivers high quality and timely skills in a cost effective way. W ... Read More
How to Adapt to the Talent Gap Image
The Challenge: Workforce Demographics Are Changing and Organisations Must Adapt There is no one-size-fits-all for managing talent. Yet, many organisations still behave as though there is. The wake-up call of changing workforce demographics and the mismatch between the skills that organisations need, and those that are on the market, is taking a greater toll. As unemployment climbs in souther ... Read More
The What Who and Why of MSP
Two of the major stakeholders most often engaged in this strategy are Procurement and Human Resources—our experience indicates that when these two groups work together effectively, an MSP program delivers significantly higher value than without this vital collaboration. This series addresses common questions about MSP programs, and provides a framework that allows for informed decision making. ... Read More