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Management Tips

Are you where you want to be in your career?Congratulations to those who can answer this question with a simple “Yes.” You’re clearly on the right track. But if you answered, “No” or, “I’m not sure,” then it’s time to take stock of your career. And you’re not alone: many professionals who’ve been working for 10 years or more find themselves wondering if they’re on the right track.Some find themsel ... Read More
July2015_How to improve a remote employee’s performance
According to Global Workplace Analytics, more than 3.3 million workers in the U.S. (not including the self-employed) telecommute at least half the time—and that number is on the rise. What’s more: statistics from the 2014 Kelly Global Workforce Index show that globally, 54 percent of workers consider an ideal work environment to be one that includes flexible work arrangements such as remote work a ... Read More
July2015_Strategies for supporting diversity in the workplace
America has long been a melting pot of diverse cultures. Consider the following statistics: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, African Americans comprised 11.6 percent of the U.S workforce in 2011; people of Asian descent will comprise 5.6 percent of the workforce by 2018; and people of Hispanic/Latino descent will make up 19 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2020.Unfortunately, the melting ... Read More
July2015_The importance of building strong relationships with silver medalists
As a manager, you invest a lot of time and energy in finding the right candidates for positions within your company. Initial applications are screened carefully to find candidates who might be a good fit; then a small selection of applicants are invited for a first in-person interview. Depending on your company and the role, candidates may be asked to complete skills assessments and tests, as well ... Read More
July2015_Five LinkedIn channels every manager should follow
Learning from others is an integral aspect of every manager’s career. And though you might look first and foremost to your direct environment for examples and mentors, it’s essential to understand that spending some time reading every day can significantly enhance your knowledge and skills, and as a result, benefit your career. But finding the time to sift through the multitude of articles and blo ... Read More
How would you like to return to work after your summer vacation not only rested, but also confident you’ve acquired new knowledge that will help you advance your career?Well, you can. All you have to do is make sure that whether you’ll be spending lazy afternoons in a hammock in your back yard or sunbathing on a yacht off the Florida Keys, you bring the right summer reading with you. Of course, it ... Read More
Does your company still provide plastic cups at the water cooler? Are all the lights in all the rooms throughout the workplace always on during office hours? Is there still a preference for printed reports over digital ones?If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to foster a more environmentally friendly approach in the workplace. This isn’t just good for the planet: i ... Read More
Most professionals have felt agitated or nervous about work at one time or another. In fact, it’s completely normal to experience apprehension about starting a new job, nerves before an important presentation, or worry about a project that’s not going quite as planned. But when this kind of anxiety becomes a daily occurrence, it can present problems in the workplace.According to The American Insti ... Read More
Adobe and Microsoft offer subscriptions to their software for students, individuals, and enterprises. Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Amazon’s WorkDocs, and Google Drive offer storage for personal and professional use. And unlike a few years ago when both applications and storage were based in the physical primary computer network on location, all of these services are now virtual—i ... Read More
Managing the big picture How to stay ahead of the next challenge
When you’re managing a team, it’s not uncommon to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of projects and your regular management tasks. After all, you have to be there to support and lead your team while simultaneously answering to internal and external stakeholders.However, as a manager, it’s your job to oversee all of the processes performed by your team in order to meet operational goals. Yo ... Read More
Agile management Three areas where Millennials require a different approach
Millennials: they’re young, confident, and connected. They’re socially conscious and want to make a positive impact on the world by means of their work. They regard their jobs as integrated with their personal lives. And when it comes to managing them, they require a completely different approach from Generation X workers and Baby Boomers.As a manager in the 21st century, you’re going to see a ste ... Read More
How minimizing the use of email can increase productivity
How many emails do you receive each day? How often do you pause what you’re doing to check your messages on your computer, tablet, or phone—even outside of normal office hours? How many email messages do you write each day, and how long do you spend on writing them?For a busy manager, it’s not unusual to receive hundreds of emails a day and write somewhere between 40 and 60, if not more. Though th ... Read More
How to create a high performance culture
Is your team’s performance as good as it can be, or do you believe it could be improved?If you’re like most of us, your answer will likely be that even if your team is performing well, there’s still room for improvement. That’s understandable, since employees advance their knowledge and skills throughout their careers and teams tend to improve collaboration and synergy the longer they work togethe ... Read More
When was the last time you read a trade magazine cover-to-cover? How long has it been since you attended a seminar about new technology in your field? When did you last complete a professional development course?As a manager, it’s not unusual to be so caught up in your daily responsibilities that you don’t have time for anything else. But in this age of rapid technological advancement, where both ... Read More
A recent survey by Pew Research Center titled “Mobile Technology Fact Sheet” yielded some very interesting statistics about cell phone usage in the United States. According to the survey, in January 2014, 90 percent of American adults owned a cell phone, and 58 percent had a smart phone. In addition, 67 percent of American cell phone owners regularly checked their devices for alerts or messages ev ... Read More
How often do you attend a business presentation, only to find your mind wandering to more pressing or interesting things? It’s unfortunate but true: not everybody has the presentation skills to keep a room—let alone a conference hall—full of people engaged. Yet possessing the ability to create and deliver compelling presentations can be a key skill that helps you advance professionally. That’s why ... Read More
 Vision, decisiveness, and good communication skills are all traits of a strong leader. But did you know that emotional intelligence, commonly known as EI, is also one of the most important traits of successful leadership? And without it, those in roles of great responsibility can often misread others, as well as themselves.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor your own emotions and e ... Read More
As a manager, making decisions is a part of your job. Every day, you have to make small and large decisions, from who’s the best person for a new project to whether to give an employee a positive or negative performance review.However, when you’re under a lot of pressure or circumstances change unexpectedly, it can become difficult to make sound decisions that benefit your company, your people, an ... Read More
Effective communication with your team is an important aspect of successful managing. After all, you and your people need to be on the same page to get complex things done well. However, there are many things that can get in the way of effective communication. You might be preoccupied and miss the gist of what somebody’s telling you. A conversation can be interrupted by a phone call before you’ve ... Read More
Being a manager means being an effective leader. Though every manager has his or her own unique style, there are a number of traits that make for a leader practically everybody wants to follow. Of course, there are a lucky few who possess these traits naturally, but it’s good to know that if you don’t, you can learn them. Let’s take a closer look at eight traits of effective leaders and how to dev ... Read More
How many opportunities do you have each day to engage in a professional conversation?Think about all those times you run into a colleague when you’re getting your morning coffee; bump into a peer from your professional organization at a business lunch; or ride the elevator to the office with your company’s CEO. And though the workplace and networking events are logically good places to connect, yo ... Read More
As a manager, you know your company’s success depends on your team. And your team can only function well when you know how to motivate a diverse group of people, all with different personalities and work styles, to produce great results. Of course, a lot of this comes down to solid day-to-day managing skills. Assigning work to the appropriate employees, giving them the tools to perform well, and e ... Read More
Whether you enjoy them or not, business meetings are a part of any manager’s job. Yet according to CBS News, surveys by consulting firms reveal that on average, professionals spend 31 hours each month in meetings that are unproductive while at the same time, almost three quarters of surveyed professionals do unrelated work during meetings.These numbers show that meetings, which are intended to yie ... Read More
Perhaps you’ve had to lay off employees during a recession. Maybe you’re tasked with telling one of your employees a promotion isn’t on the books for the foreseeable future due to lack of company growth. Or possibly you’re about to ask your team to do even more overtime in order to make an important deadline during the inception of your new company.From severe economic downturns to the stress of a ... Read More
As a manager, your job involves knowing your industry’s status quo and looking to its future. Your company relies on your knowledge to help it achieve its business goals. Furthermore, you are to a certain extent expected to guide your employees along their career paths. And of course, you’re also in charge of advancing your own career. In short, a lot of people rely on you to have a good understan ... Read More
Are your team members afraid of making mistakes? Do they come to you whenever they have a question? Do they await your instructions before tackling any problem, no matter how small?If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to change the way you and your team approach problem solving at work. Because as Marcus Straub writing for the Business Times explains, in order ... Read More
You’ve been working in middle management for a number of years, and you’ve decided it’s time to take your career to the next level—to senior management. However, you’re aware that this advancement requires additional know-how and skills. Let’s take a closer look at what knowledge and abilities you need in order to join the ranks of senior management, and examine some ways in which you can acquire ... Read More
Work-related conferences can be interesting and enlightening. They can allow you to deepen your knowledge about your field and learn about exciting developments. Moreover, they can be good opportunities to establish new business relations and strengthen existing ones. However, most conventions have many speakers, as well as hundreds of attendees. In order to not be overwhelmed, you need a game pl ... Read More
In a recent article, BBC Capital pointed out the relationship between performing well in sports and performing well in a career. The article explains that the discipline, self-motivation, and other abilities and traits necessary to succeed in sports—even at a recreational level—are key to succeeding professionally, too. But if employees can learn from athletes, isn’t it logical that managers can l ... Read More
In an increasingly global marketplace, many employers are looking for candidates with international experience to help them navigate collaborations and contracts with organizations from other countries. Besides making you more attractive to employers, working overseas can be an exciting career prospect that allows you to broaden your knowledge, practice your intercultural skills, and challenge you ... Read More
Have you ever felt that there’s something lacking in your team’s performance, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is exactly?Though there could be any number of reasons, sometimes underperformance is due to a lack of challenge. And as a manager, you have a powerful tool to challenge your people at your disposal: competition.Of course, unhealthy competition is often seen as a negative thi ... Read More
Does your company have an onboarding program for new employees? If so, does it include an assimilation process?Consider the following numbers: according to Kelly Services® research, more than half of all employees worldwide experienced an onboarding process when they started with their current employers. Moreover, 80 percent agree this process positively impacted their impressions of their new com ... Read More
How often do you ask knowledgeable colleagues for advice? How many blogs and articles do you read each week? How often do you attend seminars lead by authorities in your field?When you think about it, you’re learning from industry experts all the time. But have you ever considered that at a certain point in your career, you can have everything it takes to be an expert yourself? Moreover, if you wa ... Read More
As a manager, you have your regular deskwork, but a large part of your job involves being there for others. When someone from your team needs your input on something, you’re available. When a client or associate has a concern, you respond. When the C-Suite call a meeting, you attend. Oftentimes, however, these interruptions result in you having to shuffle your schedule and work longer hours in ord ... Read More
According to the 2014 Kelly Global Workforce Index™, 58 percent of workers worldwide consider training opportunities a reason to accept one job over another. Furthermore, 18 percent state that lack of training opportunities would contribute to the decision to leave an employer. Clearly, offering training can not only enhance your company’s human capital; it can also boost attraction and retention ... Read More
According to the Wall Street Journal, increasingly more managers want to learn how to delegate more effectively. The reason is simple: as a manager, when you rise among the ranks in a company, your responsibilities grow. If you don’t know how to delegate well, you might face the time-consuming negative consequences of bad delegation decisions—not the types of situations that move your career forwa ... Read More
When you recruit a new hire, do you have an in-depth discussion about growth options within your company? Do you make it your business to alert your team to training or development options that could help them advance? How often do you sit down with your employees to discuss where their careers are going?According to the 2014 Kelly Global Workforce Index™, less than half of all employees worldwide ... Read More
As a manager, it’s your responsibility to give your employees feedback about their work. Unfortunately, communicating when and how something could have been done better is part of that task. It takes empathy and tact to deliver criticism in a manner that won’t be construed as a personal attack, but rather as an encouragement to improve. In short, delivering constructive criticism is a skill, and i ... Read More
Speaking in front of an audience. A few lucky people have a natural talent for it and can deliver a winning speech that winds up engaging even the most unsympathetic of audiences. But for the rest of us, public speaking is something that causes a knot to suddenly settle into our stomachs and our throats to go dry.Psychology Today states that the reason we fear public speaking is because we’re afra ... Read More
Do you solve your newspaper’s daily crossword puzzle in under 20 minutes? Is your idea of a great birthday gift a new book of Sudoku puzzles? Do you have multiple brainteaser apps on your phone?If you’re puzzle aficionado, chances are you have a step up on the rest of us. Because having a knack for puzzles—whether they’re word puzzles, logic puzzles or visual puzzles—could mean you’re a creative p ... Read More
Your department has teamed up with another to complete an important project. And though the entire team works for the same company, before long, conflicts arise about how the project is being approached. Or perhaps your team’s working with another company to develop a new product, and frustration is building around the difference in management styles. Or maybe some of your employees spend a lot of ... Read More
It’s no secret that managers need a wide set of skills in order to function effectively. However, with the workplace changing rapidly, the traditional role of the manager is also evolving, meaning that even more skills are required than before. What follows are eight traits of a modern manager.Motivational and inspirational. In the Harvard Business Review, leadership development consulta ... Read More
For many of our grandparents and parents, retirement was a well-earned rest from years of hard work. But nowadays, the desire to remain active and engaged, as well as financial pressures, are encouraging many employees to keep working well beyond traditional retirement age.In fact, studies show that 80 percent of Baby Boomers—those born between 1946 and 1964—want to continue to work. And since Gen ... Read More
IT workers are in high demand. From computer network architects to database administrators, there’s a lack of skilled talent—a number that’s reflected in consistently low IT unemployment rates. Research shows that between June 2013 and June 2014, the IT jobless rate dropped from 4.2 percent to 3.6 percent. Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most computer and IT occupations are ... Read More
The seminar you prepared so carefully wasn’t well received by your peers. The project you’ve been coordinating for months was cancelled because it was far over budget. The promotion you worked towards for the past two years went to your colleague.Failure. It’s painful, scary, and often humbling. And whether it’s a cancelled project or a lost job, it happens to all of us at some point in our lives. ... Read More
Your company is looking to hire a new employee. For the past month, you’ve been conducting interviews and evaluating potential employees. After perusing countless résumés and conducting a number of interviews, you’ve narrowed it down to two equally qualified applicants whose education, skill levels, and experience make them both a great fit for the position.So which candidate should you choose?Gra ... Read More
Would you bow when being introduced to a new colleague? How about giving a gift when meeting a business associate for the first time? Or avoiding eye contact with your boss, even when he’s speaking directly to you?Chances are, you wouldn’t do any of these things. But in other countries where etiquette is different from ours, interactions at work can be very different. And with an increasingly glob ... Read More
According to the January 2013 Census, by 2040, 21 percent of the workforce will be made up of workers aged 65 and over.That’s one in five workers.Why the increase? It’s simple: people are living longer. By working longer, they’re less likely to outlive their income and they stand a better chance of remaining mentally sharp.For employers, this is good news, because it means that the knowledge their ... Read More
Your department is tasked with implementing a new, cloud-based storage and sharing system for your company. Simultaneously, you need to develop a dedicated software program that allows employees nationwide to quickly and effectively analyze highly specific data. The majority of your team will have their hands full with the development and population of the new storage and sharing system, which you ... Read More
Do you like your company and your colleagues, but you’re just not getting what you want out of your work? Perhaps you had different expectations when you started this job, or perhaps your skills and interests have developed into a related area. Whatever the reason, you’re now seriously considering the option of moving on.If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. According to the 2104 Kelly Global ... Read More
June2014_Task Maps_TN
You manage your company’s PR department, where all positions are filled by qualified candidates you vetted yourself. And at this point, your team’s been working together for 18 months in its current configuration. But somehow, new projects seem to take longer than they should. And though the end results are usually satisfactory, you can’t help but feel there has to be a smoother way to get things ... Read More
Last October, software giant Adobe announced its system had been hacked and the sensitive data of approximately 2.9 million customers had been stolen. Two months later, America’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase, stated that hackers had stolen the user information of 465,000 clients. And just weeks after that, on Black Friday, major retailer Target acknowledged that credit and debit card data of 40 mi ... Read More
Snorkeling with your spouse along the coast of the Riviera Maya.Enjoying a long weekend at Disney World with your kids.Practicing your golf swing by day and perfecting your mesquite BBQ skills by night.For most of us, summer is a time of recreation and relaxation. So it’s not strange that many employees are more distracted than usual. Whether it’s daydreaming of upcoming days at the beach, admirin ... Read More
How would you feel about heading into the streets after work in the winter to hand out blankets and hot soup to homeless people? Would you consider spending your weekends building homes for families in need of shelter?How about taking a few hours every week to accompany physically challenged people on an outing?Whatever your kneejerk reaction is to these scenarios, it’s a simple fact that volunte ... Read More
For most managers, employee evaluations are a part of their jobs. After all, maintaining a productive and rewarding work environment requires periodic reviews of where both employee and employer stand. According to Forbes, employee evaluations allow managers to provide employees with meaningful feedback, measure their performance, and address issues that might have otherwise fallen through the cra ... Read More
You’re a busy professional. During the week, you’re caught up in the day-to-day operations of your company, and on the weekends, you like to spend quality time with your family. Over the years, however, keeping up with current events has been reduced to listening to the news on the radio when you’re driving to work, and reading trade magazines has become a luxury you very rarely have time for, if ... Read More
Eating too many cookies in place of lunch. Watching TV instead of working out in the evening. Texting while driving on your way to work. Bad habits? You betcha! Rising at 6 a.m. for a five-mile run. Sending out follow-up emails after meetings. Politely remembering the birthdays of your employees. Good habits? Absolutely!As we all know, it’s much easier to make a habit than to break one. And that’s ... Read More
An inexperienced new hire bursts into tears when you request some revisions to a report she just wrote. One of your team is going through a divorce and is irritable to coworkers and clients alike. A previously productive senior team member is having health problems and has started coming in late most days of the week.In an ideal world, your employees would be happy and productive all the time, and ... Read More
Spring is here! And with the extra hours of sunshine, many employees are tempted to linger just a little bit longer at the water cooler, spend a bit more time than necessary on phone calls or be uncharacteristically talkative during meetings. And it's only natural: the change in seasons actually influences humans psychologically. According to Psychology Today, sunshine puts us in a good mood, make ... Read More
As most of us know by now, networking forms one of the most important aspects of modern managers' career strategies. The colleagues you work with, the peers you connect with and the acquaintances you lunch with are all valuable contacts when it comes to knowing about career and business opportunities, as well as simply asking for advice or guidance in career-related matters.One of the most powerfu ... Read More
"He's climbing the ranks.""She's the company's rising star.""It's lonely at the top."Have you ever stopped to consider how many phrases related to career advancement use upward movement as metaphors? Traditionally, promotions have always been the most craved career moves. Generations of workers have been motivated by the desire to earn positions that entailed higher ranks and bigger paychecks. If ... Read More
In some industries like technology, health and business, employers are practically lined up waiting for students to graduate. And why not? With in-depth knowledge of the newest technologies and development plus a drive to succeed, many recent grads are energetic and ambitious additions to any team. Combine that with their lower income requirements due to lack of experience and their need to pay of ... Read More
How do you spend your lunch break?Do you use it to check in with your employees one-on-one? Do you grab a sandwich to eat at your desk while you catch up on emails? Or do you skip your lunch break entirely?Chances are, you're one of many workers who don't take advantage of their lunch breaks to step away from work for half an hour or so. And you're not alone: Recent studies show that in the United ... Read More
You’re always busy: at home, at work and even at the gym. You have a nice group of friends you socialize with on a regular basis, and you know everybody you need to know to do your job well. Plus, you meet plenty of new people at the couple of conferences you attend each year. So with your busy schedule, you really don’t want to spend valuable time on networking. And you don’t think you need ... Read More
You go to the biggest trade conferences. You attend professional industry events. And you frequent the same social venues as the big players in your company or even your field. But when the opportunity presents itself to speak to your CEO, a prospective client or future business ally, are you ready to make an impression in one minute or less?That’s where the elevator pitch comes in. An eleva ... Read More
What do founder and CEO of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio, Panda Express founder Andrew Cherng and executive chairman of Ford Motor Company Bill Ford have in common?They all meditate.And they’re not alone: Business leaders such as Roger Berkowitz of Legal Sea Foods, Robert Stiller of Green Mountain Coffee Roaster and Padmasree Warrior of Cisco Systems are also meditation practitioners.So ... Read More
You've just earned your Master's degree after a long leave of absence from your job. Or maybe you've completed your sabbatical year and will be returning to the lecture hall next month. Or perhaps you're a new parent and have been away from the workplace on maternity or paternity leave. No matter the reason, when you've taken time off work for a significant development in your life, returning to t ... Read More
Things change fast in the workplace. From new techniques and technology to new trends and markets, it's imperative you stay on top of things if you want to remain competitive. In fact, author Alexandra Levit, quoted in US News, claims, "If you don't [focus on professional development], you won't be marketable in your field in five years." Moreover, if you're looking to advance your career and earn ... Read More
There's a struggle going on in today's workplace. Not a struggle for power; but a struggle between colleagues with significant age differences-sometimes as much as 30 or 40 years.Though all of us understand the concept that a large age difference almost always results in some form of a generation gap, the question is why this problem's so prevalent in our current society? What makes younger worker ... Read More
A growing number of companies are branching out to reach more expansive markets. However, sometimes they find it impossible to hire the necessary number of managers right away. Capital constraints and lack of qualified candidates can result in existing managers' being placed at the head of two departments- in two different locations.For somebody in or recently appointed to this type of position, m ... Read More
Jan2014_Approach boss about career advancement
You've been in your current position for a couple of years and you've got it down. There's no assignment too difficult, no client too demanding for you to handle. And during the past couple of weeks, you've been giving a promotion some serious thought.But how do you go about this?One thing you can do is simply wait until an in-house opportunity comes along and apply for the job. Or you can set you ... Read More
Jan2014_Better Planner
You arrive at work, look over your schedule and start reading your emails, only to find one of your teams has an emergency they need you to deal with right now. Since dealing with this issue will take a minimum of four hours, you'll be running to catch up with the rest of your schedule and responsibilities for the day, or even most of the week. You can already feel the tension building because you ... Read More
Jan2014_Managing Interns
Are you considering hiring an intern, but you're afraid it will be an overly time consuming endeavor? Perhaps you've heard stories from colleagues who've hired interns, only to have to disappoint them when the intern applied for a paid position. Or maybe you don't think your organization can benefit from hiring interns at all.The truth is, internships are becoming increasingly commonplace. One rea ... Read More
Jan2014_Setting New Year Goals
Happy New Year! As we all know, a new year is an excellent opportunity to make resolutions and set new goals. Exercising more, spending more quality time with your loved ones and advancing your career are among the more popular personal resolutions.But have you given any thought to setting goals with the team you lead at work? Or how to implement those goals?According to the Wall Street Journal, b ... Read More
As managers, it's important to monitor the morale and interactions of our team members. And while it's unrealistic to expect stellar results from every project, there are few things more demoralizing than a worker who's quick to point the finger elsewhere when common expectations aren't met. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior more often than not leads to friction between team members and stands ... Read More
Does your to-do list give you nightmares? Worse: perhaps you're sacrificing sleep to catch up on tasks before or after regular work hours. It's an unfortunate truth that the amount of professional duties associated with a management position can, at times, become overwhelming. When you feel as if you're drowning in work, your stress levels rise, your mood plummets and your productivity suffers. An ... Read More
In the ideal professional world, all co-workers get along. There are no arguments, rifts or mean-spirited rivalries. People understand their respective roles in the team and appreciate how their colleagues contribute to the end product.Unfortunately, in the real world, this isn't always the case.It's not uncommon for colleagues to dislike each other. Often, this results in avoidance or rivalry; so ... Read More
Many employers consider ambition to be a valuable trait in their workers. Oftentimes, employees who are looking to forward their positions in a company or even in their greater professional fields arehard workers who are eager to be challenged; don't shy away from added responsibilities; and, since they're determined to succeed, can be relied on to meet company objectives and project deadlines. Wh ... Read More
 Using Social Media the Way Celebrities Do
Lady Gaga has 40,250,019. Justin Bieber has 45,805,971. Kim Kardashian has 18,580,384.No, it’s not fans, nor is it dollars. It’s followers on Twitter.In stark contrast, Apple has 57,221 followers; Microsoft has 3,045,208 and Coca-Cola has 1,985,334.How is it that young celebrities who have been in the public eye for comparatively short periods of time can have such large (and continuously growing) ... Read More
Fun Ways to Thank Business Contacts
The holidays are not only great for spending time with your loved ones; they’re also an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships with clients, contractors and other business contacts. But with today’s diversity of cultures and religions, it’s easy to miss the mark by sending a Christmas card to someone who doesn’t celebrate that particular holiday, or by wishing someone a Happy New Year w ... Read More
Worst Business Decisions
Bad business decisions are regrettable, but the worst business decisions are often legendary.Decca Records rejected the Beatles in 1962, stating, “Guitar groups are on the way out, Mr. Epstein.” As we all know, those four young musicians from Liverpool went on to sign with EMI and become one of history’s greatest bands, selling more than 2 billion albums worldwide.History is dotted with examples o ... Read More
Shaping Company Culture to Make Restructuring a Success
Business is a science, and one that has a hard and immediate bottom line. That’s why experts dedicate time and money to adapting business models to ever-evolving economic demands. Most recently, organizations have started adopting the matrix model. Though it might sound like a science-fiction movie, the matrix refers to a structure in which any one position or department is accountable to multiple ... Read More
Corporate Leadership: How to Foster Knowledge Workers at Every Level of Your Company defines knowledge workers as “employees such as data analysts, product developers, planners, programmers and researchers who are engaged primarily in acquisition, analysis and manipulation of information as opposed to in production of goods or services.” The term, first coined in 1969 by management authority Peter Drucker, originally illustrated the difference between manual ... Read More
The Six Styles of Corporate Leadership
Steve Job’s was visionary. Donald Trump’s is commanding. And Richard Branson’s is democratic.No, we’re not talking about the aforementioned business leaders’ favorite adjectives, though they might qualify as such. We’re talking about leadership styles.According to John W. Gardner, “Leadership is the process of persuasion or example by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to pur ... Read More
The Secret of Creating a Culture of Success
Over the last century, numerous companies have been founded. Some were gone almost as quickly as they started. Others— think of the major players of the dot-com revolution in the late 1990s like Lycos—rose to prominence overnight. And yet others, like Ford Motor Company and, more recently, Google, have gone the distance, growing gradually over the years while consistently recovering from minor and ... Read More
Whatever Ever Happened to Planning
What’s the most significant difference between successful business leaders and everybody else? The answer is simple: successful business leaders have a vision, and they know how to strategize and plan accordingly. And though this may sound like a process that includes specific steps and actions, it’s important to realize the process of successful planning is much more organic than that.Whether you ... Read More
You don’t have to be a Francophile or even a connoisseur of haute couture to recognize the name Dior. Although Dior has been a known brand in most of Europe and the United States since the middle of the 20th century, its expansion into Asia is a more recent development. One of the people credited with this growth is Moroccan-born CEO Sidney Toledano, who successfully concentrated on creating a mor ... Read More
Employee evaluations are among the most difficult staff management aspects of any supervisor’s job. Even if you’re a seasoned professional accustomed to conducting regular performance reviews, judging your employees’ performance and communicating your findings to them can be stressful – especially with anxious employees. And if you’re new to the job or the company, being the "newbie" who delivers ... Read More
“What’s the most recent movie you watched?”“Do you enjoy outdoors sports?”“What do you think is your best personality trait?”If you guessed that these are all conversation starters for a first date, you were right. But did you know that these questions could have been asked during a job interview? That’s right: The conventional, skill-based job interview is losing ground to the culture-based one.O ... Read More
Do you always run the spell check option on your word processing program? What about the grammar check? When you’re preparing an important document, be it a cover letter or an internal report, do you have a colleague double-check it for errors or style anomalies? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then congratulations, you’re willing to go the extra mile to communicate correctly. But ... Read More
Labor Market Momentum Moderates A somewhat disappointing jobs report for July, as the pace of employment growth slowed, and underlying hours and earnings figures dipped.The unemployment rate improved to a lower-than expected 7.4%, but labor force participation also edged downward.U.S. economic performance has been lackluster in the first half of 2013, and labor market progress also remains stuck i ... Read More
Healthcare Management
 Imagine: you’re browsing through the Sunday paper and, in the classifieds, a job announcement catches your eye. It’s not the size of the ad that stands out nor its placement on the page; it’s three intriguing words: “Experience NOT preferred.”The statement is featured too prominently to be a typo, but you wonder: how could a lack of experience be considered an advantage?Upon reading the ad more c ... Read More
Here’s a truth: the human race has been hooked on myths since Beowulf. And we show no signs of kicking this time-tested storytelling habit anytime soon. Myths appeal to our humanity, make for great re-telling and are rarely verifiable. Their appeal, however, is sometimes matched by their danger. History is dotted with people who landed themselves in heaps of trouble after making life-altering deci ... Read More
Who hasn’t heard of Sir Richard Branson? Do you lose count when asked to guess how many articles you’ve read about The Virgin Group? Branson is hailed as one of the most charismatic and successful business leaders of our time, with endeavors that range from music superstores and mobile phones to air travel, most recently increasing his cruising altitude to space! So to what does this business magn ... Read More
Have you ever presented a proposal at a department meeting, only to have it unceremoniously shot down by your boss? If so, the experience probably didn’t fill you with confidence or the desire to give your proposal another try. However, if at the same meeting, your boss had patiently listened to your presentation, made notes, and politely offered constructive criticism, you most likely would have ... Read More
The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brings together work and workplace insights sourced from more than 120,000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.It takes the form of an annual survey that canvasses a wide spectrum of opinions on issues impacting the contemporary workplace, with a particular focus on the perspectives from different generations, indust ... Read More
Solid Employment Gains and Broadly Positive TrendsJune’s continued strong hiring and wage growth figures are encouraging signs of a brightening –and tightening—labor market.The unemployment rate held steady despite an increase in the labor force, suggesting that the economy may be increasingly able to absorb more workers.Although the employment picture is largely positive, tepid economic condition ... Read More
Whether leaders use proven professional recruiting firms or employ a more hands-on, DIY approach to find talented employees, outstanding managers create a plan and formula that works for them. While there are few rules leaders must follow to design a winning formula, there are some simple, automatic components that should appear in all successful recruiting programs.Even those managers and employe ... Read More
 Are you happy with your brand—or your company’s public facing identity? Does it convey quality, and a simple message to consumers and customers? If not, it’s time to make a commitment to getting your company and your customers on the same page with clear, targeted messaging and images that simplify what you want to communicate. As the business world becomes more complex, branding effort ... Read More
Diverse Teams
Diversity in the workplace has been saluted by HR experts, management consultants and observers from all industries. However, research on the effectiveness of culturally or educationally diverse teams is inconclusive about the help or harm to teams with this diversity.Diverse Team PositivesAssembling diverse teams can generate outstanding performance for the following reasons.Teammates have differ ... Read More
US Talen Market Monthly June Image 180 by 180
Job creation continued along a steady path in May, with employers adding a respectable 175,000 workers to their payrolls during the month. Although employment growth figures for the prior two months were revised slightly downward, the U.S. economy has added nearly a million jobs so far in 2013, suggesting that the labor market is holding up in the face of an uncertain economic climate. Overall, ... Read More
Essential Characteristics Your Project Managers Should Possess Image
All executives are project managers, regardless of their job title. Those with a project manager title, like all successful executives, display similar characteristics. These features generate success for all managers, whether they have projects or other responsibilities. Projects come in a wide variety of subjects, complexity and goals. Therefore, there are equally different types of project man ... Read More
Learn the Secrets Leaders Use to Institute Change Without Pain Image
Every experienced executive has faced the pain, if not lack of cooperation, from staff when the company even hints at workplace or organizational change. Installing the changes only exacerbates this already tenuous situation. Why “Workplace Change” Is a Dreaded Phrase Next to “You’re fired,” the phrase “workplace change” seems to be the most dreaded word combination many employees can hear. Staf ... Read More
Infuse Self Esteem in Your Staff But Understand Its Limitations Image
Positive self-esteem is an important component in an employee’s performance. However, it is far from the only component. Infusing positive self-esteem in your staff is a worthy goal, as long as you don't expect miracles. What Is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem, per se, is a rather neutral term. According to the Mayo Clinic, “self-esteem is your overall opinion of yourself.” You could use the phrase mad ... Read More
Are Wome Leaders Influencing Management Behavior Image
A frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, James Heskett, Baker Foundation Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School has generated discussion again. His April 2013 article asks a seemingly innocent question. “Will Women Leaders Influence the Way We Work?” Heskett solicits comments regarding the importance—or lack thereof—of ‘leadership gender’ as it may or may not influence th ... Read More
Employee Engagement Is an Individual Decision Image
You are probably aware that employers across the US and in many foreign countries are making concentrated efforts to get their employees and customers engaged. Many employers are using social media, particularly Facebook, to “talk” with customers and get them engaged. Employee engagement efforts can run the gamut of creative activities. Successful efforts get their employees to care about their c ... Read More
Managing Disengagement at Staff and Management Meetings Image
You have probably attended or moderated meetings during which one or more attendees either subtly or outwardly displayed negativism and/or blatant disengagement. If your company has made concentrated efforts to get their staff engaged and motivated, this behavior is even more troubling. Engaged Employees Depending on the employee’s personality, position on the organization chart and level ... Read More
How to Make Your Business Plan an Effective Tool Image
Business plans have been a staple of American companies, from the largest to smallest, for decades. Used to create roadmaps to success, obtain business loans, attract investors and plot the future of startup companies, business plans come in all shapes, sizes, complexity, colors and languages. The Process As many veterans of the business jungle are aware, the process of building a business plan ... Read More
How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed by Commitments Image
Executives face an overwhelming number of commitments on a daily basis. Have you ever felt—or commonly feel—like you’re sprinting from task to task without really accomplishing anything? Take heart. This is an all-to-common and natural condition. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for busy professionals to spend too much time apologizing for unfinished projects, delayed results or commitments unfulf ... Read More
Avoid These Steps in Helping Your Employees Develop Career Plans Image
A study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) named 18 conditions that should exist in the workplace for employees to become engaged. The SHRM then asked employees to rank these conditions at their workplace and rate their satisfaction with each. Their rankings displayed that many employers did not offer sufficient training, professional development opportunities and career develop ... Read More
Accept the You Cant Have It All At Least Not at the Same Time Image
Everyone wants it all—at the same time and immediately, if possible. If our choices are wealth or freedom, we still hate to pick one. We want both. Admirable, but typically an exercise in futility. Decisions, Decisions As a successful executive, you’ll be faced with short- and long-term career decisions on a regular basis. While experienced executives become comfortable with corporate decision-m ... Read More
Use the Start Keep Stop technique to Become a Better Executive Image
You've probably studied or read up on numerous management techniques to help perfect your executive style, brand and effectiveness. Adopting those techniques that you value, possibly discarding the rest, you have developed a style that has proven to be successful. Don’t stop now. Management Techniques Some new techniques to improve management performance are so theoretical or complex that they p ... Read More
Learn the Real Secret to Selling Yourself Image
With the hundreds of books, articles, personal coaches and instructional videos available on making good impressions and selling yourself, you might think that all the “secrets” have been exposed in one forum or another. You may have even decided to “tune out” further advice as your psyche is suffering from information overload. Yet, establishing your personal brand has never been more important. ... Read More
How to Regenerate Your Creative Confidence Image
When you were a child, your creativity was immense. You gloried in your imagination, drawings and pretend games. Children are no different today, as you will quickly learn if you just watch them playing. In spite of all the complex and technological toys available today, many children can have more fun with an empty cardboard box. Why? They can use their imagination to turn that empty box into wh ... Read More
Are You Managing Your Companys Online Reputation Image
You may be heavily involved in your company’s branding efforts. Do you also understand that your customers are constantly talking about your company? Most of their comments are broadcast throughout the galaxy. Are you managing and influencing your company’s online reputation? In addition to the influential social media sites, the number of customer review websites seems to be growing unchecked. T ... Read More
Teaching Leadership Where Would You Start Image
If you believe good leaders are born, not made, you may want to rethink your position. Numerous techniques have been recommended and tried over the past 30 years, albeit with mixed results. Authors and Harvard Business School faculty members, Scott Snook, Dean Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana, have brought together the sum of knowledge gleaned from these experiments and approaches. Their publicati ... Read More
s Your Leadership Position Founded on Behavior or Skill Image
Behavior or skill? Skill or behavior? Successful leaders need both. But, is one factor more important than the other? Further, is your leadership style based on your behavior or your skill set? Skills A wealth of skills is a necessary component of good leadership. Without advanced skills, even charismatic leaders may lead their followers to nowhere. Even if you have earned a plethora of professi ... Read More
How to Create Effective Teams in the 21st Century Image
Businesses focus on teams to get things done. These things may be minor tasks that need doing-- or major, creative projects that can determine the future success or failure of an organization. However, while there is not exactly a rising crescendo of negative voices disclaiming the value of teams, there are respected observers who dispute traditional team construction. One of those dissenters is ... Read More
Questions Leaders Should Ask the Face in the Mirror Image
Confronting the face in the mirror with tough management questions is not the most pleasurable experience at times. However, Robert S. Kaplan, Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School, maintains it simply must be done. As Kaplan so eloquently states, “Show me a company or nonprofit or government in trouble, and I will almost invariably show you a set of leaders who are aski ... Read More
How to Align Your Workplace Strategies with Organizational Goals Image
Sometimes management treats workplace and operational strategies as standalone issues. Your workplace policies and procedures should always be in perfect alignment with your organization’s overall goals and objectives. Can you think of any valid reason why they should not be aligned? If various reasons come to mind, you might want to examine the rationale a bit deeper. Upon further examination, y ... Read More
You drag yourself into the still deserted office. Wearily, you make your way to your cubicle, which is beginning to look more familiar than your bedroom. As you wake your computer, you realize the machine got four hours more rest than you did last night.Your calendar immediately sends a reminder about your noon meeting with a VIP client… and an equally important teleconference at three. Two-thirds ... Read More