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Innovators Innovate_180x180
Let the Innovators Innovate
05 Jan 2014
In this paper, we seek to identify the ways in which leaders of engineering firms can rethink their workforce models in order to achieve sustainable product innovation, to drive aggressive top-line growth and increase the bottom line. ... Read More
IT leaders_180x180
IT Leaders: Skill Gaps, Planning, and Workforce Flexibility
27 Sep 2013
Insights from over 300 IT leaders in the U.S. on their approach to workforce planning, how they are preparing for critical gaps, and the importance of a flexible workforce. ... Read More
Reconstructing Leadership Image
Reconstructing Leadership
30 May 2013
Leadership: Business people never grow weary of chasing it or proclaiming it. Even though the basic elements of leadership remain constant, we always grapple with how to be leaders among our competitors. Commerce, unlike leadership basics, evolves constantly. For example, major market evolutions always seem to happen on or around the turn of a new century. The twenty-first century version ha ... Read More
Working Socially Image
Working Socially
18 Jan 2013
Two worlds have collided: the personal and the professional. The widespread use of social media by the general public is on a permanent trajectory, and it has streamed into the professional workplace. Use of social media across an individual’s personal networks is now competing with formal, business-oriented social communications on company-branded properties. Not only is there concern for the pro ... Read More